Justice Onguto...

…dead after collapsing at Parklands sports club earlier this evening as per KTN News

Ngoja usikie conspiracy theories…

what was the last 5 cases he handled? RIP na pole kwa familia.

Onguto recently awarded State house Director of Digital Dennis Itumbi 5 Million for illegal detention and arrest over alleged hacking of the ICC website in 2012.

There goes an independent one. R.I.P.

[SIZE=6]High Court judge Joseph Onguto dies after collapsing at club[/SIZE]

He he he! That didn’t take long…

I will preempt. Raila had nothing to do with it. he didnt make any call and he didnt discuss the man.

I predict a dignified semi-state send-off and little chance for JaKuon to dance in the casket.

@gashwin uko na umama by such a thread

May he rest in peace…
na kuna vile hiyo jina yake ina rhyme na odunga

He was astute and amiable as a teacher and later as judge. I am sad.

what’s your preoccupation with caskets, its just a wooden books.

A true and honest gentleman. A rare thing to find on the bench these days.