Justice Odunga has ordered that Miguna Miguna be facilitated to be at the Milimani courts at 2pm together with CS Interior ,CS Immigration and the IG who are the respondents in the petition filed by Miguna lawyers Cliff Ombeta, Khaminwa, Orengo and Sifuna. Failure to which they will be held in contempt of court. The saga continues -General Miguna Returns Season 2 . Will he be deported or not? Place your bets.

Isn’t odunga in machakos ama alirudi Nairobi na hatujui?

And why can’t he (judge) appear at the No man’s land in JKIA kama issue ni kumuona MM?

They take papers to him

They take papers to him

GeorginaMakena and the likes of nyakundi are the same characters
why post over 5 threads in a single day all about miguna, and government be creative right something else, we are tired of you miguna campaign

None of the mentioned persons will appear in court

He seriously expects Matian’g and Boinnet to leave in the middle of a GSU passing out to rush to his court?

Hehe wacha new JSC na AG take post hio ujinga ya Odunga tangu 2017 will be sorted out.

Makende yake ni kidogo sana.

Wacha tuone atafanya nini juu hawakuji na hawatawai kuja before him. Bloody hell

Tihihi…and it had to be Odunga!

Odunga anazidi kupapasa matako ya punda


First heard of that line nkiwa pale nys college gilgil. You should have seen the shock on my face hehehe was an innocent boy then

Where is Maraga to say something? as the president of the judiciary on court summons?

So that there’s no doubt who’s in charge.

more thugs to fuck us up.



As predicted they didn’t show up leaving Odunga to rant.
Matiang’i posted this on his social media a few minutes ago.

Uhunye is like “Na huyu Odunga ni nani?”