Justice Nderi

I’m underwhelmed. As for this wealth declaration issue is a nuisance. Who is this woman in dreadlocks, very rude.

Actually I think the judge has a pleasant personality, just that he’s soft spoken. But it’s true his answers to the financial questions appeared a bit challenging to him. I think he has a career track that’s admirable.
However, I wouldn’t call the lady rude–she’s firm and precise in her questioning, I like that. If you listened carefully, she wasn’t questioning his integrity, she was asking if he understood the principle behind the wealth declaration, but he didn’t at first see it that way. In fact, she and Truwoman have a little in common in the rather forceful way they prosecute dialogue.:smiley:
I wish him well

I don’t like her and Warsame way of questioning. Warsame we can understand bcz he’s thirsty but this is not a class room. I remember how she asked Marete what his position is on having affair with juniors and senior staff and the guy was like as long as it’s serious or leading to marriage he has no problem with it. It’s important for people to love the people they work with. The look on her face was priceless.

The concept of wealth declaration is a violation of privacy bcz there are many ways to make money and many people in employment do not even touch their salary. It’s a violation bcz the form is actually public which means that if you own more than your boss, it’s not seen as initiate, you now have to explain to them your personal life which is none of their business. Property acquisition via alternative economic activity is not a crime unless it’s clear with evidence that the judges received money from their cases and litigants and even then you must show the money trail.

Ok, I didn’t get you on the thirst bit, maybe I’m slow. I didn’t get time to see any part of Marete’s, but I saw Murgo’s, Koome’s and a bit of the professor’s–I’ll need to check up her name.
About office affairs, ati “it’s important for people to love the people they work with”, really.
I hope that’s you being sarcastic, coz it’s unprofessional. It’s actually not loving them. As for the wealth declaration, it is ostensibly meant to stem corruption in the civil service, but I think it isn’t the best way. It’s more of a reactionary process of fishing around for perceived loopholes in personal accounting and hounding people over badly presented personal paperwork, which may easily feel like official witch hunting, yet the real war should be actively fought in monitoring procurement processes, and repossessing stolen public assets after real convictions. The musical chairs revolve on.

If that happened we would not have a government since stealing from public coffers is seen as the epitome of leadership in Kenya. Harassment of small people like judges who only own few properties is a travesty. If I am a judge and I get 200M kickback in cash, how would you prove that I acquired the money fraudently and even if it is clear that your income doesn’t equal your assets, on what grounds would you repossess the property look at Obado billion shilling corruption case, it went nowhere bcz unless there’s a clear cut trail their hands are tied. Warsame is on a dry fast so he’s thirsty but I admit his demeanor has changed for the better. A hungry man is an angry man.