Justice League: Official Heroes Trailer

In case you forgot… the WB hype engine is still running at full capacity.


Good times.


Jason Drogo my love, I’ll wait for you till 2018

DC is nowhere close to Marvel when it comes to movies.

Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy were way better than Wonder woman by far, Ragnarok too will outclass Justice league

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What a @TerribleWaste

It’s not always Marvel vs DC! They are releasing this movie for the fans of these characters… not to up one Marvel. Let 'em handle their business, damn!
That said, I didn’t particularly enjoy Homecoming… I don’t know. Too teenagery? I liked the way spiderman was portrayed though. Spiderman 2 (one with Dr. Octavius) still remains my fav. Also liked The Amazing Spiderman series… too bad it got canned. GOTG… the first one was better.

I CANNOT BELIEVE that Aquaman and Shazam! will come before Flashpoint. They keep pushing this movie (the flash movie) further and further ahead… there’s only so much health watching I can do.

“Shut up, Bitch!” - Lil’ Kim, 2005.

Are you seriously talking like spiderman was the shit…did you see the fight scenes in WW compared to SM is a joke…plus the level of irritation i was getting from the movie is fucking absurd…like literally everyone knows his idenitity only during that momment all that time it was screaming in their faces…like how am i supposed to take PP as a genius if he plans on being spiderman and also PP at a party? Like that was such a 90’s thing i almost rolled my eyes at the waste of screen time in this movie…I even gone start on the fat kid…and the two shockers?(really) …happie and stark bs…please I am waiting for a real super hero movie …niggas getting fucked up not a kid crying help and then supersayians out a rumble in the next 30 seconds fuck SMHC…third and last time am wasting my time even Miles Morales wont help em now…
But Gaurdians is ait but it plays on a whole different spectrum…its a super hero action comedy…spiderman has to pick a side this balancing act doesn’t work…go full witty nerdy bs or dark like in SM1 and SM2

Hii movie reminds me of justice league animation and injustice ps3 game cant wait for it in UHD

na sijaona sinestro kwa hixi movies

I don’t think Sinestro will show up before a proper lanterns movie is made.