Just Thinking out Loud

Niaje wadau? Is there any legal provisions that can be followed for us to surrender the Kenyan government back to the British?

Hebu tusijidanganye hapa, our fellow men get power only to benefit themselves… Hii kitu inakaa laana bana. I see no future in Africa

Many people have sought and obtained greencards like kipii @Swansea. He only comes to Kenya to see his kipii father

Start by surrendering yourself. Its cheaper.

By referendum.

Jamaica and other Caribbean islands wanamaliswa na Queen. Poverty nothing to smile about. Kenya needs a dictator like @Idi Amin Dada

Nimekuwa IDI AMIN mimi boss?

Villagers wamecomplain sana mambo ya pinned Threads, Click baits za keyhiiii @digi @Mzee Mashavu , Countless brothel threads and nani amesalimiana hapa but deaf ear kwako

Kindly avoid mentioning me in your retarded threads.


Enda karen ubend ova uchunishwe na mzungu then urudi upost hii umeffi tena