Just thinking out aloud

Is anybody bothered by the fact that universities were named after peoples names. And some were… well…overnamed?! Think of Kenyatta University and if that was not enough, another was named Jomo Kenyatta University. Omtata, where are you? A petition awaits…

I only know one kamjesh from ruai sewage,are you related?

Your name is louder! Kamama kwa Jeshi?! :eek:

Think + Think = Thoughted

These ranks confuse me alot. Reads different but all sound like “New Villagers”…as in the reasoning capacity!

:D:D:D:D:D phew

He he, hii SV si iko na matusi.

He he… Kumbe unatambua huyo jamaa?

Usisahau the one in bondo in your so Called petition.

And No, we are not bothered really.

Named after people’s names. Ok.