"Just look at the diary, it's not possible." Sonko might go back to jail


Hii ni nini ? ? ? Weka Gazette hapa banaa.

I’m watching live as I try to work

The IEBC clarifies that Igathe was never degazetted therefore technically he’s still the Nairobi deputy governor.

[SIZE=7]Sonko escaped prison before, he should not get bail - DPP[/SIZE]

The Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution has opposed Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko release on bail.

Sonko, along with several other Nairobi County officials, was arraigned before Anti-Corruption Magistrate Douglas Ogoti to answer to Sh357 million graft charges at City Hall.

The DPP represented by Gitonga Riungu and James Kihara opposed Sonko’s release on bail citing he had escaped prison before.
The prosecutor cited an incident on March 12 in 1998 where Sonko was convicted for failing to appear in court over three cases in Mombasa.

He was sentenced to pay a fine of Sh500,000 in the first case and Sh200,000 in the second case.

In default, he was to serve six months imprisonment for each case consecutively.

Kihara quoted the Commissioner of Prisons who said while Sonko was at Shimo La Tewa Prison, he sought treatment at the Coast General Hospital after which escaped from lawful custody.

He was then arrested after a signal was sent from Shimo La Tewa Prison.

Kihara through an affidavit said there is evidence that Sonko has a pending criminal case in Mombasa in 2001.

Despite being granted anticipatory bail he declined to present himself before the Chief Magistrate court for plea taking.

It’s in that particular case that the Chief Magistrate issued a warrant for his arrest having failed to appear before the said court.

Kihara said the offences facing the accused persons are severe.

Sonko, he said, is likely to abscond as records show that he was convicted in the past for failing to attend court.


We are cooking with gas now.

Is he released, I didn’t catch that final part of the ruling

Nope, 2 more nights Industrial area, bail issue to be heard on Wednesday at 11am.

I am so happy that these judges are getting serious. Next ikuwe Ojaamong Waititu and yule mkora governor wa Samburu

And after that immediately gets re arrested for resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer and transported to Voi where the crimes were committed to be charged.

Sonko is not going back to City Hall…before Xmas kutakuwa na new Governor.

I have said that Sonko is an improvement on Kidero.
On county management Kidero got grade D- while Sonko I would give a D+
And I do believe he is corrupted and I support his incarceration

I must confess I have a soft spot for sonko

Any governor is bound to be corrupt

But he is better than kidero

Does that mean he’s been receiving his full salary and benefits all along, which would mean he was never really a "ex-deputy governor … and if he wasn’t being paid, does it mean that whatever was withheld will now be backdated and paid to him?

Anything can happen in this corruption laden 254.
Nothing is surprising anymore.

My niggar