Just last week this girl was rescued 'drunk' from a club, on reaching the man's house she stole ksh 1M and vanished

The man told the police once in the house, Njeri requested that she is allowed to go to the washroom but requested Ibrahim to accompany her as she wanted to vomit.
They both left to the washroom leaving behind the woman who to Ibrahim was a total stranger….[B]READ MORE[/B]

Akanyal crik Kama hakuna crit


Njaruos and brown skin.

Muuza kundu, what can you say regarding women? Mkia unauza mangapi hii weekend? Asking for uwes.

@Thirimaii bibi yako anasumbua on a sunday banae


Similar to another clip I watched. A man took a lanye to his house then rushed to a nearby store to buy drinks and condoms. On returning he found the woman making love with his houseboy on the coach dry fry. The women fled nude and the man gave a futile chase with a rungu on hand. The lady outrun the man found a taxi guy on the roadside and requested him to hide inside his car the taxi guy obliged. Opened the car and allowed the girl to shelter inside while he pretended to wait for customers outside. The chasing man came and asked the taxi guy if he had seen a naked lady running the taxi guy denied and mislead the guy to run the other direction he then opened the car and asked the lanye to dissappear. Later on the taxi guy realized that the girl had made away with his smart phone, watch, perfume, expensive whisky and a bundle of cash. He suffered more than the original lanye chaser.

Definitely this must be @njaruo jinga akiona light skin buruwain napotea

That dude must be the dumbest in person alive. Girls usually go to the loo in packs or with company of another female, never a dude. That should have been the first red flag.
Actually the first red flag was being called by a kunguru you barely know ati ni mgonjwa na unakimbia, captain save-a-hoe

Sijaelewa kitu

umbwa ghassia takataka

how do you bring such a gal to your house

When the little head takes over, logic does not apply.

Ghasia…usinitaje ovyo ovyo…niko likizo…nitarudi na sweep moto.moto utatii

kimakia umeAfford kaVacation kumbe ndio ata khupipi @kanguthu hapatikani kijiji:D

nirushie ya konyagi kesho ni friday banae

@kanguthu amechapa…niko mahali na pumulia kisogo kina Chitundu,Jala,Mwale na Wengineo…hivyo hivyo hadi nichoke