JUST IN: Raila favorite to be the next PORK



Raila only needs 15% of central ashinde unanimously

Ruto 52% , Raila 48% … this time hawawezi iba

with the way he’s losing western?

Game Bado changa. Tuko 3rd minute. 00:03:55 Bado dakika kama 87

15% of Central replaces losses in Western, Ukambani, and Coast?


mtaimba hii wimbo mpaka august ifike

Those loses are in your chang’aa induced fantasies hapo Sugoi kwa mama Pima

wewe ngoja tu.

There are still people waiting for muthamaki to make some magical proclamation that will turn MTK from their current disdain for him into faithful cows like those of his project.
:p:p4 years later proclamation still loading

Reminds me of the “Banana” vs “Orange” race a few years ago …

These same “Pollsters” said it was in the bag …


Then the results came in … :D:D:D

Ignorance is bliss

wewe funda mkuu hufai ata kuongea. unaona venye huyu babu wenu ananyoroshwa

nancgoja sana exposé ya uhuru banae

All bullshit if Raila will be stolen for. Sabina Chege alisha wapea hint

Ruto is losing votes in central daily.

What kind of headline do you expect from a newspaper owned by Kidero? Wouldn’t be surprised if Uncle Mwizi has some shares. Afterall, Kidero is more or less like Ruto, a dangerous thief of public monies, and one hellbent on stopping a Raila presidency. Mind you, they’ll all fail terribly at this!

Mugabe will neverbe presidentof Kenya MWNBPORK

hahaaaa. babu amegongwa ten nil. anaenda nyumbani mapema