I want to address guys who live in our big towns, Kisumu, Nairobi, Msa etc, those guys who earn “good money” drives an ex-japan car, let me give you a free advice, ukiskia kazi yoyote ya county government, which will pay you an amount equivalent to your current pay, grab the opportunity, thank me later.

Take an example of someone who earns 120k/month, the dude lives in Imara  Daima  in 25,000 house, drives a mark x which consumes 2 full tanks of 3k@/ per month, paying NCC 6,000 in parking fees, the child goes to Goodrich academy with a 35k in school fees/term, spends a minimum of 2hrs on traffic daily buys sewage grown food, eats punda za naivasha as ' beef"

assuming that dude takes the same job in Naivasha,

3 bedroom house =15k
full tank of 4300 drives me to work for two months(to and fro).
parking fee of 1k per month
The best academy in Naivasha(Lizar ama longonot) ni 20k per term
plus much more benefits

I was able to convince my employer to pay “my people” hardship allowance from 1st of this month, for sure, guys in my office are earning more than the guys in Nairobi…

If you love personal development, stop thinking of nairobi in terms of employment, think of it as an investment hub.

yours wonderful wondering wonder.


Quite true, the quality of life in the counties is much better than in Nairobi for the same or even slightly lower income levels


One of my wing man applied for a transfer to Muranga during the implementation of the new constitution in 2011. He has never regretted. Besides he shows up every month to say hi. Saa hii anajenga.


for the very first time , ume-post thread ya manna


Stating the obvious @wonder fool

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This is like telling guys in New York earning $10k a month to move to Nairobi for a similar paying job. The experience, quality of life is not the same. Different people prioritise different things.

While it’d be natural for you to look for a cheaper comfy life, I’d rather eat it with a big spoon. Surrounded by all the conveniences that come with it. Money isn’t everything. The quality of life is.


Hapo Kwa Imara Daima na Goodrich Mkubwa umenikata ni kama tunajuana. I work upcountry and only show up in Nairobi to spend and visit malls and never regret. 6k ya fuel kila weekend haiwezi kosa. Friday 4pm I make sure nimeingia southern bypass pale Kikuyu…natune Kenny Rodgers ‘take me home’


Nairobi is an illusion of success, very few are actually successful, most are hand to mouth ‘millionaires’.


Cannot regret 4yrs spent deep interior in Malindi…I saved enough for kaplot and ex-japan without any loan


It’s a choice between living in New York earning 100k and spending 90k/month on bills or living in Nairobi for a job of 60k spending 20k a month on bills


Am a living testimony…a person spending 200ksh on breakfast lunch snacks in Naivasha is a heavy spender… Mostly we spend 120-150 per day… And most of times I rush home for 10 o’clock tea and lunch


We are now wiser than before…

there are some ‘hustlers’ who really thrive in nairobi… the city despite the numerous challenges and costs has got some very good opportunities that arent available in the counties… (i am not a hustler though, i thrive in the village)

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Fresh air, no traffic(cars and people),picturesque environs, lovely neighbours,no landlords, this peasant is enjoying every second…oh and a cold tusker is muy bueno at the hacinda


Leo umepost kitu ya maana, ama ni ile mvua ya jana imeongeza udongo kwa akili


For the first time you’ve posted something sensible. Mahali umekosea ni kusema nichukue kazi ya County Government. Job security hapo ni tricky.

Tangu uingie hii kijiji Leo ndio nimeona ukiwa umepost kitu ya maana

Earning 300k, i take a mat to work, eat mbogas from kisii. Live in a one -bedroom house- 15 k a month… … and guess what … 4 baby momas… sadness of life.


you are luhya right?

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