Just Imagine... The failed Village Idler's Trick

As we all know ule mzee gashwin mwenye hana akili hata tried to delude us before the new year that he won’t be around after new years. The mzee told us that atakuwa busy Lmfaoooo. This statement was supposedly to make villagers believe that finally Gashui was no longer a village idler…kumbe he had a life outside Ktalk. We accepted the new venture and moved on with life. Mzee gashui had played us. Kumbe on the 31st yeye na uzee yake goes and creates a new account and retires the gachui one.

Everyone after new year be like where is gachui the village idlerr? Guys are told kwani u did not read the memo…a mzee said atakuwa busy LMAO. Kumbe ghasia takataka was still around with his “village idleness”… In one of the threads where some one asked where he was , this foolish mzee wth his new handle enters the conversation asking the same…SMH.

He was nabbed by Ktalk CIA unit and J&J inc Recee squad and unmasked. @ciokariga is his new handle incase u missed the memo.

Well after bn nabbed he was taken to Muthaiga police station for interrogation. Later on transferred to Industrial Area maximum prison under the orders/command of the J&J inc recee squad chief of staff. Once there he was chunishwad sukuma and told never ever to try and fool talkers ever again…ghasia

Picture of him right now…Lmfaoooooo

You are too busy.

Niaje mwalimu @gashwin

Leo panyaste ulipewa timeoff ukaona ujoin group ya kina sledge
panyaste joined through this groups invite link
sledge:wasee nani aliweka hii panya group nkt smh…
sledge left
panyaste:wasee gashui anakuwanga hii group??
digi:this also happens to be an anonymous group
gashui alibadilisha handle jsyk
panyaste:as I suspected
digi:saa utafanya nini
uwesmake removed panyaste
sledge was added by uwesmake

You are a village idler too. And you like posting threads about other men. Can’t go a day without it.

It’s a saturday mamen…am going to meet my chille…so chillax ma niggaz


That food looks disgusting… Yakh!!

Rudi umalize kuosha matako ya granny

Madam don’t ever critsize food, you never know where you’ll find yourself in life.
This could be the only meal you’re able to afford, God forbid.
I feel sorry for that guy, eating in the Pic, no one should ever have to feed this way.

Huyo mzee miyinga aliacha kua mrazzi?

Chille ni nini tagertager hii?!
Senile language

I dont talk to SVs but consider this a favor. Go print this reply and give it to yr mom and say Panyaste will make love 2 her one of these days…ghasia

Sorry… I’d rather stay hungry. I’ve gone to places without food and water. I appreciate food… But this here truly nilichafuka roho

Sasa @Phylgee ?


What food would you rather eat?

Come I’ll show you :slight_smile:

Do you understand the Hooke’s Law?

Yes… But we can put it into test