Just got physically threatened at work today

Fiji is also a shithole country. Stupid bully is just an immigrant like I am.

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I am very tolerant guy and I let things slide a lot but hii ya leo got to me. 6 hours later I am still pissed. I will have to press charges unless otherwise na nitapost hekaya hapa hapa shortly. No need to reason with a bully.

It’s pretty obvious he is on to something
Hakutaki huko provoking you means vita alafu ufukuzwe
Odds won’t be on your side if shit goes down .
lay low avoid him kabisa
Acha ajiongeleshe
Let defense be your last option


Fiji is definitely better than kenya in economic terms, their GDP is higher and their unemployemnt is near zero or at the 4% acceptable level

What that means is that the fijian guy of yours did not move to australia because they could not find work, they moved there to find easier work. Unlike you they do not need the job on their life. While for you, with a masters you cannot find a job in Kenya. Accept the fact that your work is tantamount to working with class four dropouts. Eka degree chini na uberhave kama class four dropout. Whenever you feel the need to explain a lot, calm down and let the feeling of superiority pass. This is your reality, and you wont get a better treatment.

Also note that one of the leading causes of schizophrenia is moving from an underdeveloped to a developed country. One reason why it happens is that people become stubborn and refuse to accept this reality, and their brain breaks down. You need to start remapping your thoughts to your new reality or your hard drive will crash


I have zero feelings of superiority here. I just want to deal with this particular guy. Its a massive warehouse with 90% of workers being students. Are you trying to say nikanyagie ama nini?

Yes. Kanyangia. Gain a sense of self awareness, and understanding that if there is a hierarchy, you’re at the bottom of it

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Nuuh. I respectfully disagree about letting it slide. If he wanted me out, he might have actually succeeded on that front. I am gonna quit the job anyway. There are too many jobs here lying around. But I am quitting and taking the fucker down with me. Police here dont care about societal hierarchy anyway.

I will not sympathize with you, how do you leave work exactly on the dot? I believe people who clock off at 5pm on the dot stopped working at 4:30pm

That person might be gang affiliated, see seems repulsive type hot tempered na trivialties, that’s a person with internal issue,

Really? You think God works like a Mobster that you can bribe Him with little money for favors? Where did you get that from? God allows trials to come our way in order to perfect our character, so embrace them and be grateful that you are being made more Christ-like. OP, apologize if it’s true that you left the trash behind. You don’t have to always escalate everything, maybe he was having a bad day. Forgive him.

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Nope. Let me explain. Most, if not all, developed countries are located latitudes away from the equator and for a darker skinned person, being starved from the equator sun is the leading cause of mental illness in the immigrant community. People work indoors round the clock then go home to sleep/recuperate, they never see the sun. You must stay in the Sun, that’s where your healing comes from.

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Black person is seen as a monkey especially if you have baruhya sura ngumu features

Ever wondered why African Americans form gangs?? Ever wondered why the only way to survive in prison is to join a gang?? Becoming a gang member makes people think twice about fucking with you. My advice is that you need to form a black gang in that workplace.

Pigana be a man after hapo heshima itadumu. Lakini Fijians ni former cannibals wanaweza kukugeuza mchuzi :joy:

Upuss stick to ujinga za twitter na facebook. Fiji is a shit hole that has had numerous coups since independence.

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Those motherfuckers from Fiji are huge. I worked with a few. Their hands were as big as my thigh bana. Ata ukimgonga ngumi autafaulu.

Yes warehouse you are working with D-. There’s nothing as hard as someone who doesn’t understand a system. Vile ameonyeshwa, he can’t change. Your best bet is to find another job.

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Kuna camera ama it’s your word against theirs? However, stand your ground. If somebody is not your supervisor or boss, whether white or green, you have every right to tell them to fuck off.

Uko Australia wapi? We might help…


Tafuta exit strategy, ikiiva report to police and make your report written, kama kuna labour office copy them too. Hiyo ingine achia bean counters to decide whether its worth it to keep the giant