Just for laughs

November 1, 1968
hii nimeiba huko tbt.
bado nacheka

50cents for meat wrapper


na sasa in 2017 we still fail to host the African cup of nations


Wajenge viwanja kwanza everything will eventually fall in place.

This was at a time when Kenya was confident and optimistic, when madmen could be thrown into detention and the economy was growing at 8%. When KICC was being mooted and the UN was establishing the only HQ in a developing country.

I hear some tribalists say that Jomo was a failure I laugh hysterically. Gava used to work them days for every one…


hehehe yaani gathethi mlinunua 50cents

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Saa ii imepanda by 100%…

Edit your comment before @FieldMarshal CouchP aje akwambie ukaitishe Mwalimu wako wa hesabu fees refund

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This is why I keep asking, what are they teaching in schools nowadays? 50cts to Sh50 is a rise of 100%? At this rate how are we ever gonna put astronauts on the moon?


Ata iyo ya 1976 it was laila who made us not to host.


Thread complete. Hehehe.
Thank you

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Hahaha @GUKA, hiyo ndo tunaita hesabu ya macho…

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