Just for Laugh

That moment when u call someone who owes u money and she don’t take ur calls,u call 10 times and still no answer… Thn u decide to send a message
(Hi, I’m not calling you for the money issues, I just wanted to tell u that girls were fighting for your husband in town today, it was a big match and he was just there watching and then one girl managed to escape and got in the car and they drove away)…then u press send button…
After some minutes she calls and u ignore, she keeps calling and u find 21missed calls from her and a message which reads(where was the fight, where did they go, did u recognize the girls pliz tell me, I’m falling apart) just read and didn’t respond… She calls again,5 times and I didn’t answer then another message from her … I have your money can we meet and u tell me more…then I reply, ok u can m-pesa so that I pass by the filling station to refill then I will pick u and drive to one girls place coz I know them…after 2 mins i got an m-pesa message ,my money was fully paid…I then switched off my phone and slept like a baby…

Nice and smart

change your name to jmeffi

You get to know a person really well when they owe you money.

smart imaginations

And the lady called safaricom and asked them to reverse the payment. Then when you went to the restaurant and wanted to lipa na mpesa,… You chongad bias inshtead!
Huyo mama hataki ujinga!

safaricom will never reverse the money without calling the other person, get your facts right!!!

Brain over brawn…

Recycled Shit, hii niliona 2000


hiyo sweep jo!

Now that’s why I consider money paid only when it hits my account from mpesa. Yaani uki maliza kutuma tu hivi I transfer it… Hii nyairofi haitaki machezo


Watu wako na kwao ,tulikutana nyairofi kutafuta !

[SIZE=6]Khasia [/SIZE]

I didn’t laugh

awesome payback

Kukojolea mtu hadi kwa settings hahaa!

Hapo sawa

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