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How do I get to be ranked a Village Elder? I’ve been Senior Villager for the longest time and I think it’s about that time that I was moved to the next level in ranking. After all I’ve helped improve people’s sex lives and basically upped everyone’s knowledge here with my witty posts, remarks, comments, questions, videos, photos and whatever. @Mundu Mulosi and other staff members hebu fanyeni mambo and hail King Mworia.

Meanwhile in the spirit of this post let’s fuck in the morning, noon time and evening. Basically let’s fuck after or before every meal.

350 more likes to go…

safisa panel mecho uone ukipata madaraka

I think the whole thing is flawed. Joined January and become an Elder in the same month. In my opinion it should take much longer to be promoted to that rank otherwise it just looses meaning.

wo kino! are you here just for the likes? tenda wema nenda zako. cock sucking achia akina @gaylord

I didnt see you post that when you were sweating your ass off to become an elder…

You are a cunt man. A big black loose Cunt. You should know that

Nenda kamukunji Laare nugu wewe

Cc @Meria Mata

Usiwai ni quote tena Mbwa NV wewe

bitch ass nigga. Square up

Msenge tafuta mkia chini ya waba

wewe mumeru umejaa shyet kwa akili…unafaa kuwa relegated to NV till kingdom come…

Hata @Deorro ni NV na hasumbui

Nipatie like nifike SV

Where’s the option for don’t give a ferk?

NV mwitu uko na 421 points…

Mworia shida yako ni unapayuka kama hawker na kile unabonga ni shit that’s why you’re not a Village Elder


Chukua ingine

niaje MonaLisa

[SIZE=2]The secret of becoming a VE ni multi handles create as many as possible and like your comments/posts/upussy zote we hupost[/SIZE]

That sounds like to much hustle.