Just another day in Satafrika





The craziness in that country is on another level

Bonobos doing bonobo things

Bmw and vw are the worst cars to have in SA…you will be harassed by both cops and thieves

Wao na ma oga wanachoma

Those f*ckers killed Lucky Dube.

Watu bure sana. The women are more educated than the jamaas. Watu takataka sana.

Give SA enough time and it will become another Zimbabwe

whites own 80% of the land in SA. tafakari hayo

Theses same guys gave a 27 years felon the presidency ati in the interest of democrazy and that jinxed nobel peace prize

You only need to listen to their hilarious parliamentary debates… Makes the likes of our own Sudi and ilk look like uni dons

Sijawahi enda huko, am planning on a road trip sometime but clearly iko sida kule chini

you talk as if your opinions are law