Just another day in America

Yet another school shooting in Florida. Multiple fatalities, multiple injuries. Every news channel has its own statistics so we don’t really know how many kids died and how many are injured. Shooter hasn’t been officially identified but is alive and well in custody. Horrific videos on twitter. What is wrong with these american children surely? Some people’s Valentine’s day will never be the same again.

[SIZE=5]The shooting suspect was expelled from high school. Here’s what else we know about him.[/SIZE]
Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel identified the school shooting suspect as Nikolas Cruz. Here are the details Israel provided about him:

[li]He was once a student at Stoneman Douglas High School, but was expelled for disciplinary reasons. (Israel did not provide any specifics about the expulsion.)[/li][li]He was born in September 1998 and is 19 years old.[/li][li]He had one AR-15 style firearm and multiple magazines.[/li][li]He was taken into custody after the shooting.[/li][li]Deputies are looking through his social media and the websites he visited. “Some of the things that have come mind are very, very disturbing,” the sheriff said.[/li][/ul]


Let us wait for the NRA and President Grump to tell us that each kid ought to have had a rifle and this would never have happened.

Si trump alisema guns dont kill people, people kill people…

Pangas and knives kill people too, but not as efficiently. Countries without powerful weapons in private hands have relatively fewer such mass killings.

Like Rwanda and liberia.?


That’s what happens when guns are in the hands of the wrong people

Ferk. Alafu they’re here with “my thoughts and prayers…”

I always wonder why gun control is so controversial there. Aren’t they sick of dying?

Maybe the only way to make them support gun control is a future rogue president hiring assassins to kill only kids of NRA supporters. Maybe then they’ll see the folly of “this wouldn’t have happened if everyone was armed.”

This has become too much bana. And I don’t even live there.

Yes. The problem there was general lawlessness of many people and government support of some of the killings. Huko US ni lone gunmen. If it was a lone pangaman hangeweza kuua all those people.

Imagine Jamhuri High juzi na knife fight. Kama kungekuwa na gun tungekuwa tunaskia story ingine.

Isnt this like the 3rd shooting since the one in vegas? And still not one conversation about gun control.

This is apparently the 18th shooting since the beginning of the year.

Unimaginable brathe Inge kuwa massacre

When it’s white who kill ----> lone wolf
When it’s black/immigrants —>terrorist

Yet whites have committed more mass murder than any race, but it’s blamed on mental breakdown. I believe these people are the real terrorists …

18/45 = a shooting after every 2 and a half days.

If it ain’t a Muslim,it ain’t terrorist:D

We have own problems to deal with.
Americans will take care of themselves.

NRA has a lot of political influence and has been supporting politicians, they have a lot of money and can even influence public perception through propaganda and the media,gun business is a lot of money, when shooting happens ironically gun sales shoot up the roof,whichever politician tries will have people on his neck. and majority of Americans even Christian conservatives believe that gun ownership is their right and disarming them is violating their rights, so the law is not going to be popular with the masses.Americans are just degenerates,Australia used to have a similar problem with mass shootings, but they sweeped the guns from civilians and these thing of mass shootings stopped

methheads with guns

if the shooter wasn’t white they could have linked him to Osama, Pablo, Gadaffi and Saddam already and a pic of them during a housewarimg in Somalia

Maybe until iguze a child of a real somebody say Trump’s little boy maybe that’s the day it’ll hit home.

This is nothing, thousands of black kids have been blasting each other on American streets for decades but gun laws remain the same.

And also note that this is a $42 billion business that trump would have to shut down, with over 263,000 jobs on the line. Then he’d have to confiscate and destroy over 300 million guns from unwilling civilians an almost impossible task.

And craziest of all almost 60% of Americans say they can’t survive without a gun for protection!! This is a very big problem.

And Kenyans are also arming up at alarming numbers.