Just about to watch Jason Bourne 2016..

But before I do, I thought I’d rewatch my favorite scene from Bourne ultimatum


tume angukia aki


for those who dont understand russian…the commentator wanasema koscileny ametinga na mkono na ref amecheki

Bourne not worth your time or is it my age?

Half the time he spends walking fast in a crowd, the other half riding a motorbike, staring at a laptop screen, talking to Tommy Lee Jones, shooting a black dude and driving a car recklessly.

You will not be @entertainedd…trust me

wachana na bourne. watch mechanic ressurection ya jason statham

Will try it.

get it in hd.

Robert Ludlum the best author ever

This is not the first time. Kuna game last season champions league giroud alifunga bao kama volleyball. Halafu ozil akachapa post ball ikabounce kwa line last second ikasemekana mmeshinda…hehe

ludlum krapht??

Kuna kitu inaitwa goal line technology.