Just a Thought

What if I told you that slavery still exists?? It is called formal employment and self employment.
If you can’t switch off your phone for a week (unplanned), and not get fired/lose customers, you are a slave to money.

I just realized that I am a slave to money like most people :mad:

I think financially free people are those whose presence at work doesn’t necessarily lead to more $. Missing a week of work does not affect their income significantly. They work because they want to, not because they have to. Their systems work for them.

Mark Zuckerberg earns $1 as a salary, $0 bonus, $0 stock options. If Mark fails to work for a year, he loses $1. His systems (investments) work for him.

This post is not for ktalk birrioneas.

Solution create several income streams that don’t need you to be there.but initially itabidi ukuwe area ndio ucheki vile maneno inaenda.

EXACTLY … your absence should not be felt

That comes after umeshaumia ukafaulu ukaweka passive investments but huku Kenya ukiwa idle utaumiA that’s why many are busy labda ujaribu majuu

People who live without depending on any form of employment or business are the happiest people. They don’t have to chase people around or to be chased around by anybody.

In Kenya, most of those people happen to be babies below 4 years of age.

No. They are mostly farmers with land in good places that just gives produce they can sell at any time. Or pastoralists keeping large flocks and herds that they can dispose at will.

Jenga flats and weka pesa in interest bearing accounts and you’ll be outta the rat race.
If you can get a net or 400k a month from your combined investments passively, you’ll be a 1 percenter.

The more money, the more needs and responsibility. One day you will be getting that and you will realize its not enough

How will 400 k a month make you a 1 percenter??

Even a corporate executive is a slave. He has to show up to work literally every day. Vacation once every two years. The only true working class non slaves are professional businesspeople. Eg a lawyer with his own practice. Dentist, engineer, etc. Those ones can afford to take off at their own time.

I think even professionals are in a slave farm of sorts, appointments must be met otherwise it takes the shine off the tag ‘professional’.

I don’t think he is aware how wealthy the 1%truly are.

If you do not wish to be a slave be good so that they can’t ignore you. Do something that you enjoy and love to do, master it. This will take time and less distraction if you are not a genius. Test your limits.