Just a reminder of how far the rabbit hole goes



After watching this video I’m a @Mbeta meo long live “beta males”

interesting… beta or alpha, who cares? provided you are getting the best (for you) out of life

It is in the interest of all of us betas to claim alphas dont exist. Alphas exist. They dont call themselves alpha. They dont. Most dont even know that they are. But when they show up, the whole fakkin crowd, male and female, just knows that there is a big gun in the house.

Nuff said.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]‘No man who calls himself a king is one’

@Particles tupe maoni

I trust science which has clearly shown among other things that:

  1. Personality is fluid and has never been set. All this Meyers Briggs shyte, you are one way doesn’t make sense even in practical situations. No one is ever one thing and the more we insist on it the more we open ourselves to inferiority co.plexea fostered by the colonizers especially to make Africans seem inferior. There is no Beta and there is no Alpha. Take the true red pill and realise what neo colonialism looks like

  2. The same people who categorise Beta v Alpha are the people who believe that men can’t control themselves. The is ideology that also supports our current sexual offences act to the effect that the male is wrong in every situation and so in an accusation you should believe the female and there’s a higher standard of proof to show innocence.

Men are not animals. A real man should be able to build a house, hunt, discipline a child, lead an army, paint a masterpiece. That’s what a human is.

The more we push this idea of one personality for one person the more we close our eyes Nd move from conquerors of the Sahara and the Congo ttheen stuck in the cave.

Trust science all you want, blame colonizers for your inferiority, blame your wife, blame your uncle/aunt and the devil, and blame james bond and thanos if you want. Invoke the “real man” trope all you want. Give a full exegesis of the Sahara and the mighty Congo forest, even the Kalahari pia, ukitaka. Mwishowe ujue tu kuna wanaume wanaitwa alpha. And you aint it.

Haha. Exegesis is a good one! I don’t want to be I’m about the real red pill not your made up fantasy. Have fun with that

@thesavage just remember neither are you. What a fragile ego

:smiley: Never claimed to be. Ukiambiwa kuna alpha kubali wachana na Congo forest. Leave Egypt alone.

Ok… Then let me understand. Why would you want to make yourself feel inferior under a concept that doesn’t even exist?

I cant make you, or let you understand anything. That is your job. I am just telling you that there is alpha. It exists. That personality is dynamic, sawa. Bado, there is alpha.

False. There is something called self awareness…you mustn’t have heard of it.

A lot of meaningless words boss. Channel that energy into something constructive. Betachieth

He can’t understand bro, awa ndo wanadungwa mavisu over dirty utensils…

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]You ought to make a distinction between having self awareness and voicing it, actions speak louder than words.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Act as the court would of you, as expected.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]I think a comparison of the 16 personalities by Myer Briggs and Alpha/Beta personalities is uncalled for.
Once you find the similarities in the 16 personalities and Hartmann colour personalities you end up back to the elements and zodiac signs

Constructive?Cast the first stone irrelevant your big toe