just a question on Putin elders

Swali tu elders wenye tuna support Putin. am a staunch supporter of Putin in this conflict.

if the USSR is willing to raze down Western Ukraine, after securing Eastern Ukraine which is Russian majority. for your information Ukrainians are just Russians with some small difference. lets just say they are first cousins.

If the USSR is willing to beat to pulp their blue eyed slav brothers and take over the land and lets put a hypothetical they colonize the whole of Europe, ofcourse the next frontier is Africa . kama wanaeza chapa ndugu hivo what will they do to Africans when they arrive for expansion :D:D:D:D. . from what i know most weapons around the world are bought from USA, Russia and China so we dont manufacture serious weapons . hata SAudi huenda kuomba USA weapons.

the only saving grace is is Putin like leaders only appear once in a century but hitler once in power in two years he had taken over most of Europe

Kharkiv is a Russian speaking city yet Putin is bombing even their universities. I guess it is because he cannot stomach that Russian speakers are resisting him. Now imagine what they would do to negroes? The only difference is that Ukraine is resisting like hell, Africans would fold within minutes

The remains of a destroyed Russian military convoy are seen on a street in Bucha, to the south of Kyiv, on Wednesday morning

It’s not USSR. It’s Russia. Big difference.
The USSR broke up in the 90s and Ukraine was a part of it.
Putin has no interest in invading Africa or the rest of Europe.

He’s only invading Ukraine because it wants to join NATO. Also, the current Ukraine government was installed by the West.

West Africans and Central Africans would love to have a word with you.:D:D:D.

Anyway here is my proposal.

Africans (Egyptians and all those North African bonobos are not Africans) should have atleast 3 STRONG countries that would help them present their case internationally(Chinese were dirty poor and disrespected but nowadays China is kinda respected). Ideally Nigeria, Kenya and Seuz Africa. Nigeria is extremely poor and has some internal conflicts, so we cunt count on them. Seuz Africa is extremely xenophobic to nyeuthi people while leaving the fat Caucasian, Indian and Han cats thriving, so we can’t count on them either. Kenya is a nice candidate but we don’t have enough minerals and our leaders have extremely low IQ. So this means we would just be choosing different masters for the next 500 years as we wait for Flynn effect to raise our IQ. Too bad.

@uwesmake, Russia and other whites don’t need to invade Africa. Just finance power hungry fellows to seize power and implement their agenda.

I hear presidential candidates are seeking George Soros money with promise of accepting gayism here.

Ukraine ni vile wameleta kichwa na NaTo shiet

Msito Putin needs Ukraine because its a strategic flank against dangerous NATO alliance, he is not interested in going beyond that, Without Ukraine Moscow is literally a sitting duck. I think Most people underestimate the threat of NATO ukraine against Russia and her people.

Y’all realize Incase Putin goes ballistic full mad and releases a nuke warhead on Ukraine, the next possible target just for good measure and to put his point across would be a non-nuclear soft target closely associated with the west. Targeting western interest abroad. Guess who is the obvious candidate … don’t think ur sitting pretty bruh. Nah …

Wewe wacha kutupandisha pressure banae :D:D:D