Just a deputy president BUT man steps on others toes

I just don’t understand how one person has this THIRST & APPETITE for other people’s resources Ruto erected an electric fence around the land to ward off squatters a perennial threat to ranch owners. He has diverted the MAIN water pipeline that serves the location to his farm

The DP does not believe in the rule of law. Just follow his history. He has never. Now some airheads want him to be the president of Kenya. OK.

Kenyatta family grabbed all lands in Taveta and coast region. Wachaneni na Ruto.

Ruto is not an absentee landlord. He is actively using his farm to build our economy, and create jobs.

Squatters should deal with absentee landlords. Squatters should ask for the county to resettle them in one of the community lands in Taveta.

Instead of playing politics, the county should disconnect the water before it enters Ruto’s farm.

People must accept facts. Arror is a successful farmer. He is the most industrious leader in kenya. If Kenyatta family and other absentee landlords use their land like Arror is doing Kenya will overcome hunger.

:D:D"Farmer from Sugoi" quite a catchy phrase…Kuna time Jirongo alisema aliona Ruto akinyonga msee live akauwa… sijui hiyo story iliisha aje

Ujinga ni kipawa! Jamaa anaiba dam mzima that was to benefit his own people, sasa amekuwa entreprenuer?

You need serious 3 hot slaps uone the log in your eye

Ruto does not chair the cabinet. Does not control the DCI, does not control the DPP. Why don’t you arrest and charge him? Mtaongea ujinga mpaka lini?

Ruto has no laundry bank to clean his money, unlike Uhuru who owns NCBA.

Umemeza propaganda ya Cambridge Analytica. Utachezwa na politicians hadi mwisho

Wuuuueh !! Ebu tingiza kichwa u.confirm nini iko ndani.

How do you even sanitize that ? Ati Absentee landlord ?

Ever heard about 2 wrongs never making a right ?

The people complaining in Taveta are SQUATTERS. How did they become squatters? Ruto went to Taveta just recently. Who made those people squatters? Where is their land? Mtaongea mchoke juu hamtaki kuambiwa ukweli. Badala ya kuregeshea maskini shamba zao zenye kenyatta family ilichukua mnawadanganya Ruto ameziba maji.

Maji Ruto ataregesha, but the people will remain squatters if they don’t challenge the burning spear family which took their lands, na watoto wao watakuja kuwa slaves kwa plantations za Ruto juu ya ujinga

County iwache upuzi, si wakate maji warudishie raia, unless of course they diverted supply to the DP’s farm themselves and are using the court case kufunga raia macho.

Wataita pia hao hawako serious. They should have formed a water committee years ago which would have discouraged Ruto from diverting their water to his farm. Every little community must have 2 committees. Water committee and security committee. This water is not enough and you cannot take it for granted.
Sani is right. The Kenyatta family and Basil Criticos family should surrender some of their vast lands in Taveta to squatters just like Waitiki did.

The soonest this will happen, mtoi wako atakuwa 80 years

Ujinga ni kitu mbaya sana.

So because Kenyatta family did a heinous crime than Ruto’s the Ruto’s should be justified?? Akili ulikosa, kubali tu Sani akili hukuwahi pewa

What crime has Ruto committed? Maji huwa supplied na kanjo.

Huyu jamaa na mashamba ni bad news. Very bad news

Criticos na Kenyatta family huwa pamoja. Kama mama Ngina aliruhusu Arror auziwe shamba, mnajua next president ni nani.

Ruto must also have erected a roof over the entire county so they cannot tap rain water. Right?

before 2022 voting day Ruto will be accused of everything under the sun.

Why couldn’t HE erect a roof over his entire fucking farm, collect rain water and leave the residents’ water well the fuck alone?


This guy is cursed. Umewahi ona mtu ako super thirsty for wealth and power? Huyo mtu ni Ruto. He doesn’t care about stealing land from the poor. He was ordered by the court the other day to return 100 acres he had stolen from a poor old person. He is a heartless vulture who will be a ruthless selfish dictator if he becomes president.