Jury Duty

So after this Floyd case I have learnt a bit about jury selection, jury duty, mistrial and the like. I am watching Law and Order : True Crime which is on the landmark case of the Menendez Brot who killed their parents and claimed that they were sexually abused by their parents and they feared for their lives.

So far there was a hang jury bcz the jurors in the Murder 1 and Voluntary Manslaughter weren’t willing to compromise to murder 2.

@Simiyu22 explain to us how people get picked for jury duty and the cases or crimes that require juries. I think I saw that some drug of fences require juries and so black men in the offense prefer a plea deal to going to court.

1.Most don’t have money to afford good lawyers.
2. They know the jury will be whites only and no matter what they will never rule in favor of black men.
3. Some are armtwisted into taking plea for a lesser charge by those investigators. They know system isn’t on their side

I used to watch law and order long time ago when I was college. Anyway with the little I know, an accused has a choice of jury trial or a judge. Most choose juries because you can sway their thinking. It’s simple random selection where your name gets picked and you get summoned to court by mail. Then a you get picked at the court after giving answers to questions used to gauge your qualification , viability and capability.
Plea bargaining is separate. Of course trials are costly and time consuming so prosecutors prefer plea bargains where they slice your term and you plead guilty. A judge has to approve it though. They usually threaten you they will go for the full sentence if you prefer a trial and are found guilty.

Menendez bros were after their parents money.

The sexual abuse pleas are usually taken into account. Remember the cyntoia case where she killed her pimp? These boys would have gotten death if they did not consider the extraneous circumstances of sexual abuse of the boys. The other interesting thing is getting married while jailed for life with out the possibility of parole. Why are jail birds so attractive to women?

Cyntonia got off because she was a juvenile. And it was the Governor that spared her and not the courts. Governors have pardoning powers. As for the getting married, there’s a woman for every type of man.

I mean marrying a man in jail for life. No sex, kissing and seeing the person regularly. I think it’s a mental illness. Even serial killers have women writing to them. One of the Menendez bros has been married and divorced he’s now on marriage number 2.

Hahaha. Si you said one can have a relationship without sex.

Of course but what if you want kids? What about companionship how do you maintain a relationship on phone and jail visits? Most of the women in these relationships were abused as kids, they are trying to heal.

Companionship kwa simu. Kids only if you marry.

How will you get kids?

AI. You tell me though since you believe in non-intimate relationships.

To get picked for jury duty you first have to be a registered voter in the county that you live in and you get a summons.

Once you get that summons in the mail, you MUST respond and they tell you when and where to appear. Then they (lawyers) vet you and see whether you’re suitable to sit on it. It’s a civic duty.

Some of us na uKenya yetu back in day got the summon and milked it for days off from jobo. :D:D:D