@Junkie Hope ulifuata haya mawaidha

Hope you saw all these n changed your mind


Because if you didn’t


KOT wameanza tayari ati 4rsenal went to southampton 4 n0thing

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As if it isn’t painful enough being an Arsenal fan, you go ahead to throw away money just like that.

Iko mtu analilia kwa choo


@junkie analia chooni xvideos will have to receive his wrath today

junkie ni sos. 3k is nothing

i put 1k on arsenal and 1k on man city.end result was a zero sum game.didnt gain or lose but kesho am betting 3,000 their is no way we lose to Bournemouth at home

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I thought man city’s odds were 1.24 giving you a net loss of 760/- ama?

total bet cash 2,000
arsenal 1,000 odds 1.238 lost 1,000
man city 1,000 odds 1.240 won 2,400
thus made a profit of 400

One word of advice: don’t bet on a game involving the team you support.


o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O Itikia ulimake loss

Hehe I thought 1000X1.24 is 1,240/-
Anyways, gambling is a game of luck, instincts & brains. Very few hit aces on all three at the same time.

you thought wrong

Kubali ulipata 240 boss hakuna thinking wrong

kubaff,zero sum gain.bora sikuenda loss

Ostrich, head, sand everywhere:D:D:D

sasa wewe ndio nani???hapana tambua ibilisi brad fakin

Go buy yourself a calculator seree boy kisha ukujie loan

mimi sio msoto kama wewe huko tulitoka kitambo,nimeweka 2,000 against Bournemouth to get 3,100.