Junguuuu time any takers?

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I would take the giraffe for a Christmas barbecue, and the furniture. I will gladly give away everything else to @rexxsimba , including that maasai shuka on the table. @Yuletapeli can have the black purse and drink the juice.


Marraya mjinga.

rexxumbwa koko


Sir …
For the Upteenth time …
Dr. Rexx Simba does not eat “Pork” … :blush:

BBBW Beef is another matter altogether

2 hippos and a giraffe

Look like rejects in their country. But heroes for @TrumanCapote. Heroes for zeros.

They will infect the animals woth incurable hepatitis. Animals should not be allowed to touch those people with their disgusting tattoos

Meanwhile their ex-husbands are busy in Mombasa swallowing bluepill after bluepill so that they can bonk Kapondis granddaughter in the a*s

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I was going to tatoo your dad’s name on my behind for seriously adding my mileage this year. Ubaya I hate pain like nobodies business. That thing looks painful. Otherwise I would have been sitting on your dad for the rest of my life.

Hapa nalipa 150 each.

Contortionist huchoki jameni? You should seek something more sleek and flexible.This is just too much work, too often.

Once you go Big …
Piles of Bones don’t attract any more …:yum::revolving_hearts:

@rexxsimba 's girlfriend.