Junguuuu tell chimpanzees to leave their country

But truth hurts. Monkeys make your own countries good instead of going to disturb junguu in their countries ngombe ici. You spoil your country then run after junguus for being responsible. Nugus kaeni kwenu.


They want African immigrants to leave yet their productive population is fast fading? The other day they did not even have enough truck drivers and had to lower the age limits of driving trucks. In health, they are busy importing nurses from all over Africa to take care of their aging population and to also suppliment the numbers of health workers. Their companies are online hiring African freelancers to work for them. At this point, they know too well they can’t do it without imported labour and while at it, cheap labour.

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ukitaka kutajirika haraka zaidi uza mkundu. Germans love ass more than they love beer

sili mikundu mie