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Michigan Man Who Kept Dead Wife in Freezer ‘Like a Piece of Meat’ Sentenced to 8 Years

A Michigan man has been jailed for storing his dead wife in a freezer for around a year.


On Tuesday, Isabella County Circuit Judge Mark H. Duthie handed down a prison sentence of up to eight years to Terrell York, who pleaded guilty in October to hiding the death of his wife, Patricia M. York, 67, [MLive.com] reported.


New recordings show a Utah father who killed his five children, his wife and his mother-in-law before turning the gun on himself in January reportedly routinely used manipulative behavior as life at home became more and more tense for the family.

The Deseret News published a detailed review of roughly 72 minutes of home videos taken by Michael Haight, who shot and killed his family two weeks after his wife Tausha filed for divorce.

The night before the killings, Haught, 42, was laughing with his kids and told the children – 4-year-old Gavin, 7-year-old twins Sienna and Ammon, 12-year-old Brilee and 17-year-old Macie – he would take them sledding the next day, according to The Deseret News.


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