Junguu is best, but for who

Our sister Trumancapote keeps talking about how black women married to whites have lowest divorce rates and how chimpanzees are the worst.
However, what she keeps ignoring is as of 2015, 24% of recently married black men were intermarried, compared with 12% of newly married black women. Black men marry whites at twice the rate black women do. The funny thing is that’s why black women try to shame black men for “not going with a sister” or “he can’t handle a real woman”.
Also, black men are the most liberal when it comes to body type. You’ll never see a white man posting mali ya Rexxsimba and calling it mali safi. Which means other races will view most of these overweight whales as disgusting. The average weight of a black woman as of 2016 was fucking 186lbs. That is 84kgs. Tell me an Asian/White man who is going to marry an 84kgs+ woman. Only black men f**k anything and can deal with women heavier than them. This further confirms, that indeed black women have a smaller market than black men do. The only black women getting swept are the exception not the rule.
In addition, 25% of black men 20-29yrs are fathers. Meaning 75% are childless, yet there’s a single mother epidemic in the black community and niggas that age range be doing the most damage. If black women had accountability they would see an irresponsible thug with 3 baby mamas and ignore him. But alas, that’s their favourite type of man. She becomes the 4th baby mama. Meanwhile the “boring” one with his shit together goes to marry a junguu. Even funnier is the “passport bros” who leave America to find love abroad are have a lot of black men. The funny thing is black women keep crying and insulting such men. But why? If black men are so trash why are you complaining that a Filipino woman is taking out the trash for you. You should be thanking these foreign women for removing chimpanzees from your life.

Conclusion: Junguu is best, for black men. Most black women are rude, combative and loud. They call that being “masculine” but funny enough they don’t have any positive masculine traits. Like having accountability, or working 80hrs a week, or the discipline to not be obese. Black women get angry when black men go where they’re appreciated because under all that false bravado, they know they’re not good enough for other races, apart for recreational uses like in strip clubs.




The other day niliona video a jungu lady saying white women love black men because black men don’t have the advantage of whiteness , ati for long they have been playing second fiddle to white men but with black men hao ndio superior bc of their whiteness

@TrumanCapote leta zile maparagraphs 67 na yutiub video sita minimum just to confound the issue. :D:D

What is your perspective as a self confessed crossdresser ?Screenshot_20220816-202610.png

This is the reality on the ground. I have told her so many times. Our Black Brit sistas hawana mwenyewe huku. The Black Brit men marry Whites and Latinos. Just look at the high profile footballers FOREXABO. And the fit birds from Eastern Europe are in on the cake too. The ones Kodiaga drools for.
Another thing…if you don’t have melanin like Naomi Campbell, Lupita and Adut Akech…sahau hii maneno kabisa. These ones can get the rich white man anytime.
Another thing…Jojina cannot deal with the institutional racism ingrained in these people. Hata hawajui…i.e they will cook you a simple spaghetti bolognese meal and then proceed to explain the ingredients to you slowly…
Another thing…white people practice hedonistic debauchery that is not good for our African souls. How do you have sex with your dog? how do you go swinging as your weekend indulgence…
Another thing…they do not entertain our culture ya kubeba our relatives on our backs financially. It makes them so angry…
The one thing I respect them for is they respect your past and they don’t ditch their kids…mkiwachana…

Black men marrying white women seem to be working.

Excluding the African footballers who have been thoroughly and properly cleaned out by their white ex-wives. :wink:

Women initiate 80% of the divorces so of course black men married to white women will be part of it. However, Africans pia wako naive just marrying some random Russian or something ju ya mwili tu

Bado am still waiting number ya Latino milf suafeeee.

I’d never marry a white lady, white meat hapana…

Why do people want to be married? Tombeni alafu uingie Karura:cool:

Lakini tuseme tu ukweli black Americans date white people because they hate their negroid features kama nywele ngumu na flat noses. They aim to create beautiful mixed babies. Hizi story za masculine black women ni justification tu za kutaka kutoa tint. Alafu black Americans don’t want to date Africans because of their “bantu/bonobo” features. The darker you are the uglier you are even among your fellow blqcks in America.

“Respect you past” lol. They are fucking simps.

Zoomali sema tuu ukweli they wouldn’t give you the time of day

White girls are my type, mainly because they are nicer people generally and a little more drama free compared to the sisters. I know some black girls would probably say the same about white men, which says something about our race…

i only do blondes

Wacha nirudi gym soon…wamejaa huko…