JunguMissionary Sentenced to 40 Years for Raping Nairobi Children

I just came by this article of this Jungu missionary named Matthew Lane Durham whom some years ago was setenced in U.S(not in kenya) for sexually assaulting three girls and a boy while working at the facility. Do you think there are more jungu missionaries engaging in the same type behaviour as he did in Kenya? Kenya and Uganda has some of the highest numbers of missionaries in Africa mainly because the encourage white saviorism(google it if you don’t know), how many of these are foul do you think?


This convicted child molester was allowed to set up a children’s home in kenya… Tuko na shida.


Pedo jungus know very well that Kenya is a safe haven for them to come and mess up kids.There are many of them messing up kids at the coast.

Kenya will never stop this disease because the moment these devils are caught they get deported. This is madness.

Once in watamu niliona mzungu mzee akiwa na mtoto uchi…it was soo ferking weird. Actually watamu kuna shida kubwa sana huko with sex na wazungu. Siwezi rudi watamu willingly…the place is just wrong!

Kwani ulifunuliwa oil cap?

Paedophiles wanafaa wawekwe chuma moto kwa ass…bure kabsa

Hehe uko na jokes…but i have been to watamu once and to be honest there is nothing great about that place…apart from the clean beach, of which ukienda huko ni hao wazungu wakiwa na watoto naked ama hao wazungu with their african lovers huko na pia wao wanatoa nguo mkishazoeana. Watamu labda ukae in those expensive hotels and not an airbnb

Ubaya tu colombo akipatikana na kale ka underage kake ka 17yrs, ntakua considered PEDO yet hiyo kitu imeiva, MARINATING as we speak

:eek::eek::eek: u serious?

Discusting that can happen, only in afirca and this is why i start to think that its not racist when mzungu say africans have low IQ.