Jungu Police in France beat the crap out of an african

A black producer in France was almost beaten to death by jungu police for not wearing a mask. Personally i dont see anything wrong with this. These africans from french speaking parts living in France deserve everything they get because they are coons. Instead of fighting to liberate their home countries from France they are gladly assimilating in the french society and engaging in their own destruction.



What is the difference between those West Africans and Kenyans in the UK,Australia, and USA??

Because these french countries are in entirely different position from other african countries… England don’t have a grip in African countries except for Kenya where they volunterily still have british troops. Portugal has no hold in Africa, Spain has no hold in Africa. France does and has made sure that those colonies remain the poorest in africa as they loot them. Millions of Africans continue to die and suffer because of France and those ‘francophonie’ africans dont do anything to free themselves. They will just go outside and protest and then go back engage in their low IQ ism instead of fighting french colonialism in their mother countries.

In all fairness do you really think it is fair for one to immigrate to foreign countries and pretend to be calling the shots in the name of human rights? not possible at all. The powers that be will hit back hard and those immigrants in France have not seen anything yet after the latest beheadings.
How on earth do you expect them to fight for liberation when they are already in racist France? And you are wrong…they are not engaging in assimilating. They are busy behaving like entitled prats kwa wenyewe…

Hao watu Covid imewapeleka mbio they shouldn’t take a risk.

lol, dont write low IQ nonsense you bonobo… Africans in France are the biggest assimilators. France is the biggest interacial scene alongside U.K because of Africans being assimilators unlike other migrants from asian countries. Go to France and you will barely see any african/black couple walking in the cities, majority are interacials. And second is that you are too stupid to see that majority of these people who complain racism do it because they are seeking acceptance from whites. How could you explain an african crying racism because an european says they dont want to date africans so they can preserve their european identity? Racism crying comes from an inferiority complex perspective.

Hope more b3headings follow

acha wagongwe to be reminded whites will never accept ‘ninjas’ juu it means the white race will disappear…and those poor ‘africans’ are not assimilating but dropping their heritage and africannes to be french jungus…just pathetic… anyways… their is a superior-inferior dynamic which changes everything on the inter racial relationships and also when assimilating…

France is just next door…been there countless times. But let me tell you one thing…Bonobos niwe na Nyukwa na mukaguo. Go figure you uneducated nignog.

Hii ndio panel beating ya burukenge

Isn’t that what assimilating means? 2 generations from now their grandchildren will look like any french children. I have plenty close family equantances living in europe for decades whom married white and have white grandchildren. Sad trully in my opinion.

kwame nkuruma’s grandkids are white…mpaka niliona moja anakaa ed sheeran banae…


Yes very sad… He married an white looking egyptian (it was a tactic to form unity amongst north africa) and he didn’t have time to raise his children as they were raised by their mother. His kids cant associate with the life of the average ghanian and its the reason why his daughter married a jungu. Its the same with most mullatos in Africa, they dont associate with africans and marry jungus. Even Botswanas first president Seretse Khama whom married a jungu women has now white grand children because his son married white. How sad is that, they both managed to eraze their own african identity in 2 generations.

This is was the Khama family Reunion in 2017. His sons are present there. The african lady in middle is the girlfriend of Ian Khama, but he is old has no children so its over there.

mpaka the africans look like outsiders …sad kabisa

This fool keeps on bringing up IQ and bonobos on every thread and now I can see why. You probably wish to have mixed children a white wife, and white grand children, just like your relatives, since you despise Africans in general. I mean the way you invoke racial epithets towards Africans makes me think you will take the next available chance to marry a white woman, if only to compensate for your low self esteem or rather, to get rid of African blood from your family line.

Don’t pretend to be angry at your relatives you stupid eugenist, go and have high IQ children with white women that way, you won’t be brigading Kenyan forums with your IQ nonsense.

Fake news huyo bonobo hakuna Vita amepigwa. They were rebooting his jungle software.
Kanyaga umbwa.

lol funny… Im the one one here who is against africans race mixing and you are calling me a self hater? I want my grand children to look as black as me just like jungu supramacists want their grandchildren to look as white as them. Its you low IQ blacks who love racial mixing and engaging in your own genocide, because you suffer from low IQ. Im against all that because i know no smart africans race mix, only low IQ do.

Anyone who supports police brutality must be very foolish and devoid of reason. Mngejua tabia za polisi kwanza huku hamngehara hizo upuzi

i support brutality against africans whom refuse to build anything for themselves… We have been abused for hundreds of years and still we dont learn. What will make us learn? How hard do we need to be brutilized before we learn?

Dont assume that because you live in a peaceful country and you went through school everyone had the same privilege. Some of those guys who persistently break laws in foreign lands maybe are uneducated and have little understanding about morals. Civility is a process that cannot be taught using uncivil methods.