June Ruto in the middist of the Arms deal scandal

June Ruto is pulling international scandals as you defend her father

This is a certified fake

june ruto ni mtoi wa dp?

Poor Photoshop, at least try to use the small part of your brain that’s still working.

Kwani you live in a cave in Tora Bora? This photo was debunked as photoshopped as early as yesterday evening.


Hapana, ni mtoi wa mama kayai na Ojwang’

ask around

Ujaluo ndio imejaa hapa :meffi::meffi:

i dont own a photo- shop biz… This photo is everywhere…

Propaganda is part of campaign

madam,uko tu?

Sasa hakuna tofauti. Hii ni dynasty tu ingine ameaguliwa tu.

:meffi::meffi: mushenzi

I can only notice the damn Hublot on ex-cs Echesa’s wrist! Kweli pesa ya corruption haitaki huruma, tumia…

OK, go back to ‘everywhere’ and likewise tell them it’s a fake.


:meffi: mkunduwo

ok…now i have got this feeling that this could be propaganda

The clarity of the photo betrays it… photoshop chieth. The compromised media is trying to push a false narrative aganist this girl.