Jumia's Xiaomi store disappeared?

i can’t seem to find it at all, locally available xiaomi phones are now sold by this store


It’s as if people are not getting enough of Xiaomi.
The way I see it, kama you have your 3 million, Xiaomi is the brand to invest in today. Wholesale, of course. Right now it’s the hottest brand in the market. Hata akina Mutheu wa fulani wanajua kyaomi sasa hivi!

Nilienda Voi last month nikaingia hiyo restaurant iko hapo kwa petrol station mbele ya stage kidogo. Kuna hicho kidosho cha kuserve hapo ambacho kimenyolewa box kikaona simu iko na logo ya Mi. Without even minding whether ananijua ama Vipi, she just came grabbed my phone and inspected, then shouted, “Ngai, unatumia shaomi?!!!”

Unaonaje hii redmi 7, thinking of buying it…

Global version, of course. It has band 28 ya faiba.

Redmi NOTE 7 global version. It has band 28.

Its an awesome device…nimeitumia 5mnths and all i have recieved are accolades in excellent taste in phones

Story of my life nikipatana na fellow mi fan
Kwanza There’s that message tune yenye yufanya nijue