There are very good offers on their site but within time frames indicated. trying to contact vainly please assist with any input on the same. Samsung screen 32 going for 9,999/= for those interested just check out

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Hiyo ni original kweli:):smiley:

Not sure thats why am enquiring for your input but could be coz have not heard them dealing with counterfeits before, however am not going for the screen am interested with the cooker

Me wanted a fridge but bei ni Ile Ile kama ya supermarket , Nime notice pia the phones on offer are mostly ‘generic’

this 32 inch Samsung TV for only KSH 9,999 at 12pm! >https://goo.gl/XPbk7T


8:00 AM - 26 Nov 2015 · Details

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Yaa kuna tab ya 999/= hapo

Mbisha zako si mshuri

sioni hii nipee link

Nitanunua iyo cooker ibaki hapo tu kwa store. It’s worth 25k.


click on black Friday


marketing gimmicks! plus i don’t know why i find it to be racist!

Naona kuna perfume inauzwa Ksh 250,000?

naona wasee huko twitter wakizusha, nikama hio tv haiko

ndio maana nimesema hii ni upus!

I know of some money minters who make those SONY,LG,SAMSUNG etc nametags,stick them to fake as.s tvs and sell them as the genuine article

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kuna ujanja mingi sana kwa hii deals…very few items have genuine offers. The ones with genuine offers run out of stock within a few minutes. otherwise, the normal price of an item is 10K, then they indicate a 50% discount with a price of 9500/-, suggesting that the original price was 19k, which is a lie…but is you are keen enough, you may be lucky to bounce on a genuine offer.


kuna cooker fulani web dev alikuwa ameeka kitambo inapika hadi greens. Leta hio link buda @Web Dev

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