Jumbilee development: Kieleweke vs Tangatanga

Ndungu Nyoro is camping inside shittyzen studios after noting a police vehicle outside the station probably waiting to arrest him.
After an earlier altercation with Maina Kamurder in muranga.

malisa yeye


It is Sunday for fucks sake, wakimbamba kesho saa nane atakua nje, lala ndani ujenge jina

liwe liwalo Tuko na uncle hata tuwekwe pingu

kamanda alone wants to keep kitaelewaka alive after it was done away with. Lakini pia in vizuri, this high handedness is elevating Tanga Tanga higher. Now anyone else in the country who didn’t know Ndindi Nyoro will now know him. Put him in prison for a day or two and he get released. However his prominence rises further in Muranga, Central, Mt. Kenya and now the country. Most importantly his gains more favour at DP Uncle Ruto inner circles. I appreciate them for elevating this young leader to the national stage where he belongs.

That said we are back in kanu dark days, a politician things he is too close to the President and president men. So he can call kinoti and issue instructions that are acted on. Why? The young elected area MP is outshining him not only in Muranga and central. So he storms a church with 20 plan cloths officers to take command of the event. Somehow him as an nominated MP I don’t know of Nairobi, Muranga or the whole country wants everyone to clear with him first before he engages people. This are Breastfeeding Baba Initiative advisors:D
So you storm a church with 20 cops go to the pulpit where Hon. Nyoro is addressing people and forcefully grab the microphone then you complain the cop was assaulted. Did any of them identify themselves? Whatever problem you had couldn’t it await the service you deal with one another outside? Anyway continue with the downward spiral. We will not stop you. We grow in numbers and confidence with every passing week.

Lakini I know why 1-4 people in particular are being fought by president men. They are all young, great grassroots mobilizers, crucially from Mt. Kenya, prominent loyal in Tanga Tanga and very popular. They are all perfect candidates for DP Uncle Ruto running mate.