Oh lord of creation, I thank you for the month of july, it is ending soon. In this month, I was able to penetrate the pussies of 26 women. I fucked them to total satisfaction as my penis was nourished with unimaginable sweetness, I almost thought I was in planet Venus. I remember this day in early july I went to visit a client in her house, she was poorly dressed exposing her thighs, with only a bra, what was I to do? I pounced on her like a Hungry tiger, still the same day, I found a bitch in a Matatu, we went drinking, I ended up fucking her in the toilet, at night I headed home and found the neighbors’ maid stranded in my verandah, the silly neighbor had told the maid to pack and leave, I was the only sane Samaritan, the maid required that I fuck her that night so that she could be relieved of stress, I complied. so imagine I fucked three bitches that very night, oh lord, how generous can you be. May the month of august be better, may you soften the hearts of many women so that I may insert my dick in their vaginas, I will appreciate if I fuck more than 26 ladies on the month of august, how great are you lord, the best thing you ever invented is pussy and women so that men can feel sweetness in the dick, thank you lord. I look forward to fucking as many bitches in the next month as possible.
Yours Sincerely
Little saintonthebeathoe11

let me have the honours, ww kijana umeandika upuss omochinga kapisa!

eheee inki eke bino!

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