julius mwale

baruhia kamua kamukamu


Mwale is a friend and a former schoolmate to my uncle pale mukumu…watu watalia


Mwale is the hushpuppy of Kenya. When he launched his hospital in butere he made some health care workers to resign from government jobs. He had promised pple they would be paid $200 per hour

How exactly does he make money?


hehe wacha akamue wazungu bana

Bush mwale na julius mwale are conmen

Noma days are becoming darker. Everyone what to steal from anybody.

Ukifika Forbes hio ndio final arc ya kuwa financial villain


He innovated and developed software for two step authentication for customers accessing their bank accounts online and then sold the product to banks huko US. Saa hii analipwa royalties whenever a customer accesses their account. So he will be a billionaire for the rest of his life as the cash ya royalties flows in 24/7.

Talk about passive income. Wueh!

What is the name of that software. Someone once mention the same thing but o couldn’t find anything online about it

Brilliant cunt

I know of worldpay, veri fone, cybersource ile ya visa, authorizenet etc…ya mwale ni gani?

Y’all niggers are just jealous, can’t believe that a Mulembe son can become so filthy rich without selling buroti maguta maguta or venturing into mbuta fishing. Julius Mwale(Andimi’s seed) is a technological giant and will soon become a multi dollar billionaire,much earlier than all the Kiambu mafia combined. Sikieni utamu!:smiley:

This Mwale family are becoming conmen, I know the family, his father Major Mwale is a very prominent person in Butere, the old wazees who served in the Army long time and amassed a lot of wealth. Back then in the early 2000’s when I was working in Mumias Sugar Major Mwale was one of the very few farmers whose cane proceeds were in millions, how did Julius Mwale end up homeless?

There is so much disconnection in his talk

Hii ni Ile Baluhya ya mwale medical n technology city. Conman bana nimeskia hiyo project for 5 years now isn’t it ready yet. . yaani hakuna vile govaa inaweza reign in these guys. Anyway wacha watu waoshwe

@patco umezeekea huko America and biggest claim to fame is the village biggest troll. Mundu useless sana