Julius Mwale


Anyone who takes Mwale serious is not to be taken serious

Nice! A change maker.

Please expound…

400m on feasibility study? Wow! Problem is his nice place will be surrounded by shanties once people realise it’s worth.

Seems like a project full of freeloaders, those guy’s giving out land should be careful, especially that Mzee wearing a straw hat, '…ataninjengea nyumba , na pia za vijana wangu '.
Anyways , i heard him say, the place will be done by 2020, well 2020, is 4days away, the place should be over 85% over.
Watu wa Western Kenya, how is the project coming along ?



As you can see, it’s losers and haters surprised by developments.

This thing has red flags all over.

Name one mega project without ‘red flags all over’ in Kenya.

BTW they are looking for suppliers. Enda unukishe kitunguu

My guess is that Mwale is a conman…
But his primary target is the Americans… But other local suppliers and contractors will get shafted as a collateral damage…

All the things he’s saying are done, there is nothing, apart from well cropped pics and videos.
For instance, he has a cancer center, you only get to see the front desk.
A 36 hole golf course, you only get to see a golfer hitting the ball, on a very small patch, which you can’t tell if it’s part of a golf course or a grazing field.
He has 150 km of tarmac load, but you only get to see less than a 100 meters
He has an airport, but all you see is a cropped out picture of a mzungu woman standing in front of the plane.
Compare that with Tatu city.

Thought I saw Julius Mwale’s story on the standard back in 2018 and it had passed all the test of a scam.

This was a SCAM and still is.

Trader asks court to bar police from arresting him | Nation

problem with such a scam is that when it blows up the FBI will be on his case for defrauding Americans

Hadn’t looked at it from that perspective. In 5 years, the truth about it will be out. If it’s a real thing happening, then that’s good for this country, because similar projects may be started in other spacious counties. If it’s a fraud, well lessons will be learnt. I personally still feel that Konza was what this country needed.