Julius Malema

Malema interviews a candidate judge Van Der Westhuizen who struggles to answer a simple question about apartheid.



Vintage Malema. … Shoots straight from the hip.


I find malema bogus. He is deeming doom for this scholar. Why blame him for apartheid that was beyond him, this judge didn’t supervise or monitor implementation of segregation? Malema should ask valid and relevant questions than void ones. To me he wants to have a political score by using this innocent white man as a mount.

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The exchange in the comments…

Hapo 4.35 karibu Malema asimame apee huyo judge RKO

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This is just outright foolish. Where are the blacks to sit on that desk that that mzungu is sitting on? The reason why he is lashing on that mzungu is because most blacks in SA have drowned into crime and alcoholism . Don’t blame him for grabbing an opportunity . Fools