Juja Farm

Elaborate illustrated prospectus for the Juja Estate of Sir William Northrup McMillan, which served as Roosevelt’s base when he visited east Africa (cf. Czech, Africa, p. 139). The numerous photographs show big game trophies, the landscape and buildings of the estate, and one of Roosevelt standing over a trophy water buffalo. The estate was offered for £30,000. The adjoining property, Donya Sabuk Farm, is now Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park.
With a loosely inserted photograph of a smiling Osa Johnson astride a bagged rhinoceros; and a T.L.S. on the subject of lion cubs from Mary Webb.

Very cruel people killed so many animals just for fun and trophies… They set the pace for poaching and now they fight it…

Yaani kulikua na rhinos,leopards pale juja?

saa hii ni very few zebras and gazelles
alafu River Athi … acha tu, ni vile uliiona kwa NTV, the “water” is slimy green, amazingly theres a very healthy population of hippos

saa hii ni very few zebras and gazelles

Izi kiziona sikuzi ni ngumu…

East Africa had over 1 million Elephants and Rhinos when the white man come to bring civilization to our shores. They killed animals for trophies on an industrial scale. They only stopped when numbers reduced to 10% - 100000. Now they claim its Chinese every time poaching comes up.

POACHERS KILL a black rhino at Aberdare National Park and extract its horn, Kenya Wildlife Service Assistant Director Simon Gitau confirms.


They destroyed a beautiful well maintained continent, stole everything and did a genocide like no other… Took slaves to slave for them. You want to see the devil???..yes that’s how he looks like!

Kenya was a savannah of wildlife. must have been epic during those days.

It’s easy to become rich when you walk into other people’s countries and carve them up for your benefit. I look forward to their self-imposed suffering via Brexit.

How did Donya Sabuk Farm become a national park? I still insist, KWS is a trustee for Her Majesty’s properties in kenya. We have no gameparks of our own, or wildlife

This is the guy who had settled around Kilimambogo whom they nicknamed “muka mukuu” meaning “old lady”? I believe the locals found it difficult to pronounce McMillan. He has a large estate there that was once visited by President Roosevelt.

Animals were everywhere in Africa before the coming of the white devils. That’s why all African languages have names for all wild animals that are indigenous to Africa.

hmm, tuambie majina ya hawa wanyama
Leopard -
Cheetah -
baboon -
chimpanzee -
ape -
moongose -
wildebeast -
warthog -
honey badger -