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This guy was a lyrical genius, at such a young age. But I hate how Diddy is in his music video, can’t he just go somewhere, like a holiday or something.


Diddy or Surge Knight, choose one

Biggie all day everyday.

sorry I meant Diddy

I wondered coz Suge was/is a thug.

Biggie or Pac?

Puff Daddy contributed alot in making of biggie and his legacy

Drama Cyborg vs Junior Mafia…

Juicy nikiwa mtoi sikuwa naipenda but after kuiskia vizuri after high school men!!

He did, granted, but does he have o be in every of his videos? and he can’t rap to save his life. Ama ndiye 2pac alikuwa anapiga masweep in the song About You.

He had to push for his artists.

It’s tight. Biggie had a good heart, I watched one of the many documentaries about Tupac and there is place where they say he called Pac’s mum to codole with her on the death of his old friend. That was so nice of him.

Juicy was very inspirational i like it akisema “Girls used to diss me now they writing letters coz they miss me”

A great lyricist. My favourite Biggie track.

hio ni nini umeweka kwa avatars yako it confuses me when u post a hip-hop thread with a dildo avatar

hehehehe si kwa avatar ako na pic ya mayai

The best lyricist of all time. All his rap songs tell a story. Not like the rest who rap about an egg, apple, donkey, stone, car, wallet, gold teeth, etc…in a song.

Wacha siasa za avatar, contribute to the thread

Sad that he had to die that young. I have watched two movies depicting how life is on the black neighborhoods, they take life so casually that shooting someone to death is no biggie, just like those kids of kayole wanajiita gaza.

  1. Just another day
  2. Paid in full

and the remix