Judy Anyango 9

This Bootylicious Booty ticks so many Life boxes …
Just Imagine a quiet Weekend Indoors with her … :grin: :grin:

Link :-

Analipisha mbesha shigana?

She has a live site where such issues are transacted …

However …
Plan on spending a minimum of 30K -50K depending on your needs … :laughing: :laughing:

Dagitari, 50K hapana

I love big women but izo miguu zake kutoka kwa magoti kuenda chini hazijawai ni jazz


30k to 50k is enough to pay for her dowry


Yaani ire ochinga ya ktalk umereta hapa gaaki?

sura ngumu

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:hippopotamus::hippopotamus: wacha ikae


She charges 5k or even less

No pls

You Small Boys in here really need to decide what you really want in life …

  • You get Boobs and they are suddenly too big ,
  • You get Ass and Thighs and suddenly they are too big …
  • You get killer legs and you decide She has “Elephantiasis” …
  • You get a slim chick and she is too boney …

So …
What is it that you really want … ???
Do you actually even know what you want … ???

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Analipisha ati 50k. Hiyo pesa naweza kula Casino yote kama wamepanga line alafu nibaki na change VIP kumaliza.

This is NOT your average CBD Granny …
You probably get serviced by another Judy Anyango … :laughing:

Link :-

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You have no Idea what you are missing … :grin: :grin:

Tell them buddy…

Wekeni namba

Focus your mind at the spot where the 2 booty cheeks meet …:grin:

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Add images

You deserve it