Judiciary hapa kwetu ni shit

hii kesi iko karibu kumalizwa na rulling ifanywe…hawakupewa bail ya installments




Maraga ni meffi ghasia. Juzi kanisa Yao walikuwa wakilimana. It shows how incompetent he is.

I’m not saying they should be released, impunity shouldn’t be excused but this selective justice will only deter fellow “wanjikus” not the cartels … and yes Kenya’s judiciary is dog shit

mnyonge hana chake

The day Maranga brought back the wigs and the overalls is the day I knew we were fucked

I wouldn’t label the entire arm of Government as such, they do a commendable job once you’re willing to understand how tied their hands are

Judiciary isn’t perfect but before that, one needs to take a long hard look at the Executive and Parliament where the worst of the worst rot is situated

kenya is a banana republic

Who gives the judiciary these powers? That’s where the rot begins. Judicial reform cannot start at the courts. You can not evaluate yourself against standards you set yourself. An independent organization has to come in and analyze your performance against expected standards. And set those standards. That is why companies hire outside auditors. In our case, public expectations are one thing. Judicial procedures are another. People cry huuu haaa but they’ve never given the judiciary powers otherwise. I mean, judiciary still uses outdated laws from the 1960s. An outside body needs to go in and clean up the rot. And that doesn’t necessarily limit it to only firing judges. That’s just creating a space for the next set of judges to do the same thing. Crying at Maraga alone is a waste of energy. He doesn’t have the powers. And he can’t govern by decree or public perception.

Nothing new here… Judiciary is just a fancy word meaning lawyer scum.If it were up to me I would round up all lawyers niwapeleke Wuhan …the world would be a much better place. The only good lawyer is a dead one

Exactly, but they don’t want that yet they expect public trust. The other day maraga was complaining about a merc s500 in public to citizens whose majority are living from hand to mouth daily, this shows how detached judiciary is with reality. They live in their own world

Who gives the judiciary these powers? There is something called the BAR association (British Accreditation Registry) …delve furtherinto this chieth utajikuta really deep into “conspiracy theory” chieth

Legislature? Judicial officials are merely interpreting the law.