Judiciary allegiance to Kenyan drug lords

A few files here and there ensured that the Akashas were convicted in the United States. . In Kenya, heroine money was used to pay off judges so quickly that when they were arrested, they couldn’t stay in the cells for more than 30 minutes.

Their way out was through bails, they used to rain money on the judges in order to frustrated the prosecutors. The rot in the judiciary stinks manze.

Who are they going to blame for this? the president?


The letter is fake.

fake chieth faked by a chieth-head.

…Mr Paul :D:D

give us names , we lynch them

Politicians are the ones who shield these barons. Some Politicians are actually the barons.

Such takataka like fake letters are not fit for publication on such an auspicious site.

Admin can you pull down this takataka. I will pay to compensate the squirrel who posted it

We need to sort this mess out majamaa or else we could be another mexico, there is a guy where I live that is involved in this business mpaka he was arrested in Nai but his godfather pulled some strings for him.

We’re in sooo much shit if we don’t nip this shit in the bud, look at mexico. There are places where the govt of mexico can’t even go to eg sinaloa, michoacan. Tayari we can’t go huko north eastern because of al shabab and its sympathizers now what about if we lost the coast to these swines? Kenya itakuwa central, riftvalley, western na nyanza?

This shit is a serious threat wadau, take it from me as a coastal resident.

They won’t listen to you, they’re too jaded to see the bigger picture.