Judicial salaries ziko sawa sana so shida inatokea wapi ?

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has reviewed upwards the monthly salary of judges and magistrates, except for Chief Justice Martha Koome and her deputy Philomena Mwilu.

Also left out in the new pay scheme are Supreme Court judges.

In a letter to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), the SRC increased allowances for judges and magistrates amid an ongoing court case challenging the pay raise.

In the new changes, the Court of Appeal judges will be paid a maximum of Sh1,156,108 up from Sh1,122,759 set through a letter dated August 18, 2017.

High Court judges will now earn a maximum of Sh1,000,974 up from Sh907,279.

The SRC has furnished JSC with an itemised consolidated pay of the judicial officers, which indicates the salary of the Chief Justice will remain at Sh1.3 million.

Deputy Chief Justice’s salary remains at Sh1.23 million while the Supreme Court judges’ pay is also retained at Sh1.218 million.

The letter further indicates chief magistrates will now earn Sh732,000 up from Sh650,253 set in 2017.

Senior principal magistrates will earn Sh485,000 up from Sh480,000 while principal magistrates will be receiving Sh365,000 up from 360,000.

Senior resident magistrates will be earning Sh329,000 up from Sh300,000 and a resident magistrate will be getting Sh195,000 from Sh190,000.

The SRC has also raised the monthly non-practising allowance for judges from Sh13,000 to Sh20,000, while magistrates and Kadhis got Sh15,000, up from Sh10,000.

The commission also enhanced risk or security allowance for magistrates and Kadhis to Sh20,000 a month from Sh15,000. Judges do not enjoy security allowance because they have police guards.


Resident magistrate aongezwe pesa, so that bribe ya 10k won’t be something to consider

but High Court judges at 1 million bado wanakula hongo so shida clearly sio salary

Hehe, hii argument huwa ya kishenzi sana. Ata ukilipwa 5m na mtu mmoja akuhonge 10k, if you’re a corrupt mofo you’ll take it. Utasema ni ya fobe/malaya/credo/whatever…but it will be 10k more than you have. It’s either watu watosheke na ile mshahara wanalipwa or waende private practice.

Is that gross or basic salaries? I think CJ has a lot of allowances

Akiongezwa pesa itabidi uongeze bribe.

Some of us should just shut up and count our blessings

Ata the Ichaweri thug is worth more than 500 billion shillings but bado anataka kuiba ata pesa ya wagonjwa na kukatalia kiti…Human greed is infinite!

Meanwhile, how much does an entry-level magistrate earn? Wale magistrate udeal na wamama wa chang’aa na petty traffic cases