Judge TOSSES OUT Donald Trump shoddy case, orders him to pay all legal fees or else...(kimemramba)

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The idiot’s cornered.

He will appeal tho.

Trump filed a $100 million lawsuit against the NYT and Mary Trump in 2021 over the news outlet’s 2018 Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting on his tax records, alleging “an insidious plot to obtain confidential and highly-sensitive records.”
[li]However, New York Supreme Court Justice Robert Reed rejected this argument and in dismissing the complaint ordered Trump to pay all legal fees associated with the case.[/li][/ul]
What they’re saying: "The New York Times is pleased with the judge’s decision today. It is an important precedent reaffirming that the press is protected when it engages in routine newsgathering to obtain information of vital importance to the public," said NYT spokesperson Charlie Stadtlander in an emailed statement on Wednesday evening.
[li]Representatives for the former president did not immediately respond to Axios’ request for comment.[/li][/ul]

That niece will be a thorn in his side till the grave. She wrote a scathing book about his greed and selfishness in disinheriting his brother’s children, dodging every decent rule in life and business, and being generally a disgrace. She tore his character into shapeless shreds in Too Much And Never Enough.
Now he thinks she’s too much, but the judge disagrees:D

Trump is coming back to White House in 2024. Senile demented Joe Forbidden must go

They have learned their lesson: not a recycled Trump, ever. It’s not Vumbistan.

First world fools who voted for a senile Biden can vote for anything

I doubt they can do something as insane as what you did last year, foolish as they may be. Being prezzo there is not as desirable as in an African country, where you are placed on a pedestal like a god. People don’t stop what they are doing to see you pass by. You do your job, if you fail they laugh at you and send you home. You have zero authority to call them fools, chifu. Unlike you who is cheering on their bogus ex prezzo from thousands of miles away, they care about their interests, skewed as that may seem to you–not yours. You are the fools.

you grossly over estimate Americans’ intelligence. If Trump wins the Republican primary he will get to the white house.

Imagine taking your own sister court over your tax records lmao… yues is one shitty country bana.

I don’t. I’m well aware of how they’ve made miscalculations before, like thinking GW Bush was fit to lead, then Trump, a decade later. But the truth is they never sank lower than during Trump’s one term (with thugs rampaging through the Capitol, and all that economic mess). It’s doubtful they would make that mistake again.

Boy wa Vlad Niko nyuma ya Putin liwe liwalo

Kitambo ndio the US electorate was concerned about integrity. The post trump era is a new animal all together.

It’s kinda sad for them though. I think so far Bill Clinton (and Obama) were the best they’ve had in our lifetime, despite the Lewinsky scandal and his impeachment.

Democrats will rig him in their nominations and Americans will vote for him because they hate mzee Trump.
Last time Democrats rigged him in in their nominations wakawacha follower wa Bernie sanders fuming. Hizi party nominations za USA ni kama tu hizi zetu za UDA na Azimio.

Unless a recession like in 2008 hits before 2024, not likely.
They could not even win the midterms despite everyone expecting a red wave. Almost every candidate who parroted Trump’s 2020 grievances lost bigly. And you can bet that’s what Trump will dwell on until election day.

The republican party is f*cked for many years to come. Their voters are dying, while Gen Z would rather eat soil than vote for them.

Nope …
All he has for now is 42% control of the GOP which makes him a front runner in the party nominations …

The General Election is a different matter all together…

  • Trump has tons of unresolved legal battles ( some with serious personal consequences).
  • Trump appeals only to the lunatic fringe conservative white vote.
  • Trump has no Foreign Policy worth speaking about and few friends ( Putin and Kim ) outside the USA.
  • Trump is out of touch with the young liberal white ( and especially female ) voters.
  • no one who did NOT vote for him in 2020 will be voting for him in 2024.
  • good indications that President Joseph Biden will hold and may even flip 2 additional States …
    Thus denying Trump the Electoral College Votes required to win …

It will be 2020 all over again …

And Vice President Kamala Harris will Certify the Results and ensure the proper transfer of power to President Joseph Biden until the 2028 Election …:D:D