Judge Sankale Ole Kantai and Sarah Wairimu Cohen

I was supporting this madam but now I am seriously reconsidering. Kenyan judiciary is rotten to the core.


The judge tapped her and got hooked. Sarah akanipenda natoa mahari. Woman is hot.

Pussy will kill us all… am in Mombasa doing things I never knew I could…

Nakumbuka ukililia hapa how she will be exonerated… just because she was a female

I have hang out here today partly waiting for a comment from you on these new developments. Wairimu has never been innocent. Never ever.

A wise person changes their mind. A fool like you, never.

I beg your pardon? a fool like me what? I was only waiting for your word not matusi…this is below the navel but if it makes you happy then so be it.
V uncalled for.

What happened up there?

@Finest wine calm your mammary glands. Capote was responding to @HAKI YANGU
She probably didn’t even notice you were a participant in this thread.

wewe waacha bana… tumeruka kwa kitchen kuivisha popcorn halafu kurudi umekatsia mechi na ndio inaingia climax banae…

Are you Hakimoto?

I saw that. I think @HAKI YANGU is her Parody.

Ouuch… don’t push it Georgina pls. I am not Hakimoto. I see no reason to hold 2 handles on any forum. I just called on you to seek your views on the Cohen ishu. Because I follow crime stories all over the world and I like hearing your version.

With no disrespect to Hakimoto I am not on every thread like him/her and I am certainly not on KList. That is another insult.
Anyways can we pls discuss the new turn of events.

Ignored as usual. Get a life Niga.

ohhhhhhhh My bad then. This is a result of blocking people, I miss bits of convos. I need to be more careful then. It is a price to pay but I would not have things any other way.

Sorry Truman. That Haki whoever must be on my blocklist and so what I read was directly in response to my post.

I am wondering why she flew to KSM to be with this judge when her husband was missing. What was the urgency? And why did he rewrite her statement? This is a very bad sign. I really believed in her innocence but with this now I am 50/50. Having an affair is not a crime but why did he rewrite her statement?

You would think a judge who knows a little bit about evidence would avoid texting on a Safaricom line.
He should have used email to communicate since there is no way Google can sell out your privacy like that.

Ixactly. Wairimu Wairimu yawa…I was also hanging on to some shred of hope that Cohen was murdered by others not her although it was clear whodunnit.

There is another case I am following closely…the Jowie one…the girl’s father has come out fighting…and what also happened to the guy that murdered a Uni student with a shoka…

Jowie can’t raise the 2M bail money. The axe man couldn’t get bail. They’re both still in the can.

Even Google gives out your data if police need it. Why not get another line. I think he thought he was invincible and no one will follow a judge of the appeal court.