Judge Odek died from blood clot- Pathologist rules


A post-mortem examination on Court of Appeal Judge Otieno Odek shows the 56-year-old died from blood clot.
Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor said Judge Odek, who collapsed and died in his house earlier this month, suffered a blood clot on his right leg.
Dr Oduor said the clot blocked blood from flowing into the judge’s lungs.

“As a result of this, the heart got choked which led to his silent death,” Dr Oduor said Tuesday at the Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu.
Dr Oduor ruled out claims that the judge died after ingesting a drug.
The pathologist, who was accompanied by the government pathologist for western region, Dr Dixon Mchana, said the judge was prone to the disease referred to as pulmonary embolism because of the nature of his job.

“Judges usually have prolonged sittings which could be a risk factor for someone who does not exercise frequently,” Dr Oduor said.
The post-mortem report will be handed over to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for further investigations.

OK. So what was all this talk about blood oozing from his ears and other parts of the body? Where is purple to give us a lecture on the post mortem signs of pulmonary embolism

DCI has bulshited the results and said they are investigating a murder

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I wanted to say the same but for the respect of his family… let us leave it there… but there lies your answers… unfortunately

That Pathologist is a very fishy dude.

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I think they want to give the family a soft-landing after the shocking death… let us wish them well… condolences to them…

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True. He gave a shitty post mortem results for Saitoti and Ojode.

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And Railas kid. He said he was going to release the cause. Still waiting.

so why the fuck could the DCI not have wait for the pathologist report before wasting time opening an entire investigation. Lol I like how people in power in Kenya believe that by being rich death is afraid of them, only to drop dead without warning.

Dude, I don’t recall Judge Odek saying at any time that death was afraid of him!!!

who said so, am talking about the guys who rushed to start a full blown investigation, thereby wasting out taxes

That is their work you bastard…you wanted them to sit around and wait for pathologist’s report first?

I hear from mogoka base chronicles, the Harvard learned professor was to be the next CJ but Singh hakumtaka .


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Would pathologist Oduor risk his reputation in such an instance? Could he not just fake some illness so that he does not have to twist the facts

With all our google “doctors” out there, would he not be taking a big risk to his credibility if he twisted the truth?

no person is too powerful for singh. those who have crossed his way before…(may their souls rest in peace)