JUDGE George Odunga cancels the AL Ghurair Ballot printing Tender 35 days to the election RWNBP

So 35days to election another tender process ianze NASA are clueless and hopeless they are preping themselves for Court proceedings if the outcome doesnt favour them.RWNBP

@Deorro shikanisha hii thread na hiyo iko hapo chini

Hehe, okay

Hapo Odunga ame dunga point.

Maintain my heading though…I broke the news here first.

The high court made the ruling, not NASA. Remember how the supreme court declared your Hague duo winners? They weren’t labelled Jubilee Court. (Though baba aliwaita korti bandia out of frustration).
Justice knows no time lines.

Tumbilee wakijaribu kuiba kura Odunga atawadunga kwa settings.

You are being set up for round two ndio mshindwe kuteta.

huyu odunga is odm project…

NASA and the wannabe Ekuru Aukot lodged the complaint and futhermore who is stupid to rig an election using excess ballot papers at the end of the day used ballot papers have to tally with the registered voters

I’m sure that made sense in your head, so power to you.

Yes. How powerful and mighty the opposition is. That even without state machinery and clout, they can still have a project in the most crucial court of the land, the constitutional court. And must be quite telling how everything the incumbents supports always gets quashed at the court regardless of the appeals.

yaa not all registered voters vote.

[ATTACH=full]109726[/ATTACH] This is FAKE news

If the number of registered voters in Kiambu is roughly 1.2million will u be expecting 1.4million just coz al ghurair was awarded the tender either all ghurair or spectre international gets its one factor is constant RAILA WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT

Fake news!
Shame on you, sv.

That, by itself, should be investigated. 1.2m/1.6m are of legal voting age? Na vile wakikuyu huzaana almost per second? Therein lies the key to the puzzle of why these people are bordering on arrogance and cockiness on their reelection chances.
That last phrase by the NYS scammer is becoming a worrying chorus.

High court jurisdiction?

The ruling is on Friday. Unless you are a time traveller and you already know the contents of the ruling.

Fake News