Judge Eboe-Osuji

This man anapenda kuandika. When his fellow judges are writing 50 pages of short sentences, the broda anandika philosophically over 200 pages. These are the people who should be judges, sio watu kama Mutunga.
The scope of reading the man has done is immense

So the performance of a judge is measured by number of pages written?



Siurete rink

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sometimes i wonder…

It can be measured by clarity of thought that has been put down in writing. The judge demostrate this clearly. Or how is it measured according to you? Learn to commend a good thing you mean man

I think he just copies from a court reporter and then he analyses and then gives his verdict. Unlike in Kenya where there are no court reporters, so the judge has to write while the case is going on.
A court reporter, also called stenotype operator, is a person whose occupation is to transcribe spoken or recorded speech into written form, using shorthand, machine shorthand or voice writing equipment to produce official transcripts of court hearings.
The training on a stenograph machine requires the person to pass writing speed tests of up to 225 words a minute on their machine.

What do you expect kama hizi ndio alikuwa anasoma kwa class?



To a certain extent , I think so.
These judgements are supposed to form part of case law… The more detailed and elaborate the better, shows more effort was put in analysing the case .
Of course it could be 200 pages of waffle.
There was a time Kenyan judges were being criticised for writing one page judgements that were not authoritative enough to be used as judicial precedents

Throughout these Kenyan cases, Judge Eboe Osuji demonstrated the most solemnity in hearing both sides, chiding Bensouda when she over-stepped her boundaries, and also admonishing defendants and their lawyers whenever they overplayed their part. A thinking judge, with communicative skills to match.