Judge Chitembwa reveals the rot in the children's courts


honesty judge who looks on the circumstances and I wish him all the best in hie duties and endevours

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Huyu apana… Ataenda kulipa lanye

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A boy in form 4 (17 years) is ‘dating’ a girl in form 2 (15 years) from the same school. This is very common. The boy clears school and they continue ‘dating’. Two years later, the ‘relationship’ is still on, but the boy is now 19 and riding boda boda, and the girl is 17. Sadly, they started having sexual relations while still in school 2 years ago (which again is very common), and this time round, the girl gets pregnant (unfortunately). Expectedly, the girl’s parents are unhappy and want to know who is responsible, and the boy is named. He is arrested and presented to you in court, with a defilement case. Being a judge, will you consider that the girl is a minor and hand the boy 15 years in jail for defilement or how will you handle the case? He is guilty of course and needs to be penalized, but a broader look at the case from a societal point of view is also important. This is where I agree with Justice Said Chitembwe that rulings should also consider the social aspect of the case and not the strict interpretation of the law.

Yes. Send atoe lock. Hangovers inamsumbua sana. If this was a judge in my case… If this is how he looks at a key interview imagine siku ya kawaida?

Pole to Chitembwa the look from the chair Prof. Mugenda says, he will have the lowest marks for insisting on the issue. When you have women on a panel hata chair is a woman kuna topics you quickly brush through.

I have been in all male panels and all female. Either way don’t get caught up in controversial issues just swiftly side step to safer ground. You can see how Lady Justice Martha Koome has handled mambo ya FIDA. Very well even the most hardened MGTOW can find it palatable. This is an interview not a place to impose your personal views on sensitive issues like gender relations.

One day I was with a all male professors panel who were already biased bcz my surname was the same as a very feisty and powerful female Professor. First I was asked if I am related to the said female professor after they conferred with each other. Next came a barrage of very sexist questioning. I did not show them the side I show you here bcz I wanted to pass. So I just swiftly redirected the questioning to more academic areas instead of emotive petty questions. Sometimes the panel knows your weak points and they work them. Your demeanor should be pleasant and non combative. Kama mwanaume akiomba mzigo. I remember my male prof was in attendance and he told me an all female professors panel is the worst for a woman. You just nyenyekea, don’t argue with the panel and ukishikwa flat foot, look like a deer in headlights. Wamama Wana huruma sana ukiwapea heshima. Let’s just say that the next PhD students didn’t sail through and they were men. Men usually think that everyone should see things how they see them. You don’t know how arrogant professors can be but every human being no matter how vile or hostile has a sweet spot. You hit the sweet spot and you get what you want and everyone is happy. You can’t use an interview or thesis defense as a platform to air your views. This is not about you, it’s about the job or the thesis. It’s finessing your way around the rough edges and areas of difference TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. Me if I want something from you. God help you. Wanaume shida yenu ni ego you lose a big job over something small. Btw all the people who take my advice on how to handle situations get results. I should now start charging.

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In your dreams. Mtu analia kwa interview?

Hebu check this, there are crimes where a minor can even be charged as an adult. So a girl and boy same age the boy can be charged coz he penetrated. Hio ndio ingredient ya defilement.

Same in Kenya?

Yes. There are several minors at Kamiti Maximum serving 20 to life.

This guy is stupid. He doesn’t understand the concept of statutory rape. [Martin Charo v Republic [2016] eKLR] if you go through his judgement report you will see why

I don’t understand how this guy became a judge, his ruling sounds like he himself is a pedophile. A 14 yr old child going to the house of a 24 year old man to have sex, apparently he was her boyfriend for 3 years does not negate the fact that at her age she is incapable of giving consent. No wonder the panel asked him what he would do if his beliefs interfered with the law. A 14 year old found driving is an offense it doesn’t matter if he has been driving the car for years or he’s been sneaking the keys out. The adult owner of the car is culpable. The fact that she kept sneaking to the man’s house for sexual escapades for 3 years meaning this started at age 11,doesn’t negate the fact that she is incapable of giving consent.